Baby Solar System Sprouts Galaxy-Like Arms

A stunning photograph taken from the ALMA observatory in Chile shows a young star surrounded by a large disk of gas and dust. Like our very own Milky Way, this protoplanetary disk exhibits a spiral structure — a feature that could solve a lingering mystery about how planets start to form. Read More >>

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Infinite Blooms Give Us A Disorienting Glimpse Into Nature

John Edmark, a sculptor, inventor, and Stanford professor, loves spirals. When making his mesmerising “blooms” Edmark wants people to say “wow, how’s that possible?” In this lovely little clip, he explains how it all works. Read More >>

Dreamcast Sales ROCKET to 1999 Levels in Wake of Shenmue III Announcement

The Dreamcast is seeing a dramatic uprise in sales according to word from surviving independent game shops out on the high street, with interest in the once beloved niche games machine leaping due to the announcement of Shenmue III. Read More >>

Archaeologists Baffled By 2,000 Tiny Gold Spirals Discovered in Denmark

Finding gold in Boeslunde, Denmark, is no huge surprise. It’s known as an area where Bronze Age gold offering are often uncovered, as curators there are explaining this month. But a recent discovery has surprised and baffled archaeologists: 2,000 tiny gold spirals. It’s a “golden enigma”. Read More >>

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These Trippy Spirals Are an Island’s Atmospheric Exhaust

The Earth's atmosphere is actually a churning sea of fluid, though it's easy to forget when you're just hanging out, breathing it all in. This satellite shot of a tiny island in the Pacific shows the spiral trails it leaves as an ocean of air swirls by. Read More >>