DIY Garden Spitfire Refurb Wins Museum Place

A man's self-build Spitfire, based on a storm-damaged replica chassis bought from a museum years ago, is about to make the leap from weird local attraction to full museum exhibit. Read More >>

Professional Fun-Spoilers: ‘There’s No Spitfires Buried in Burma’

Apparently, anyone who was harbouring hopes of flying 'round in a vintage Spitfire should give up hope now. The project that was aiming to dig up some Spitfires supposedly buried in Burma after WWII has turned up nothing but mud and some bits of old runway. Read More >>

Health and Safety Bans Veteran Spitfire Pilot From Museum Plane Cockpit

In a case of Health and Safety gone mad, a former Spitfire pilot was banned from getting back into the cockpit of a stationary Spitfire held in a museum in Stoke-on-Trent. Read More >>