year in review 2017
45 Awesome Things People Did in 2017

As the year draws to a close, we’re not going to pretend that 2017 is going to be fondly remembered by everyone around the country. But instead of taking the easy route and simply pretending that 2017 never happened, let’s instead focus on the fact that lots of awesome people did some really amazing things this year. Read More >>

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Watch Different Colours of Paint Spin Like Crazy on a Drill in Slow Motion

It’s like a beautiful, colourful ballet. The Slow Mo Guys dipped a power drill in different colours of paint and then captured it spinning in glorious slow motion. It’s like a Jackson Pollock painting in moving 3D. Read More >>

These Naked Dancers Get Cleverly Censored with Flying Drones (NSFW)

Censorship blows. Drones are fun! So what happens when drones are the ones censoring? That’s what happens in this spot for Japanese retailer Buyma. Naked dancers dance and prance around the floor without any clothes on while flying drones with sheets of paper censor their modesty. Read More >>

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Watch a Bunch of Kitchen Sponges Get Transformed Into a Bowl

If the entire world says you can’t do something, even if you yourself think it might be impossible, and even if it sounds totally crazy, you can do it. Provided you have the skill, talent, tools, and are willing to work hard. Read More >>

200-Year Old Giant Salamander Discovered Outside a Cave in China

Chinese giant salamanders are incredible amphibious beasts that look more like monsters from a movie than something that could exist in real life. They're comically huge, like brown boulder-sized beings who are unaware of how big they are. Read More >>

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This Time Lapse Shows an Aircraft Carrier Being Assembled Piece by Piece

Building an aircraft carrier is just like playing with Lego bricks! At a much, much larger scale, of course. Here is footage showing how the final section of the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier the HMS Prince of Wales was slapped on top of the ship. The piece, known as Aft Island, weighs 750 tonnes and will control aircraft operations on the carrier. Read More >>

What the Moon Will Look Like Each Day in 2016

If you want to know exactly what the moon will look like (to those in the northern hemisphere, at least), this video by NASA has got you covered. It tracks all the phases of the moon for 2016, that is you’ll see the moon wax and wane as it corresponds to each day of the year. It’s a really cool look at the movements of the space rock. Read More >>

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Watch a Russian Sub Launch Supersonic Cruise Missiles

Here is footage showing a Russian Navy submarine attacking ISIS positions in Raqqa, Syria by launching missiles from the submarine itself. The Kalibr cruise missiles were launched from the Rostov-on-Don submarine, a Kilo-class diesel electric submarine, in the Mediterranean. It’s the first time Russia had launched strikes in Syria from a submarine in the Mediterranean. Read More >>

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Can You Tell Which of These Illusions are Real, and Which Ones Aren’t?

It’s all about the perspective. Well, it’s also a little about how easily our eyes can be tricked. Read More >>

This Animation of All Six Episodes of Star Wars is So Good

It’s a promo spot for Star Wars being available on Sky Movies but it’s so well done and so damn cool that we can ignore that. This quick, 30-second animation brings the viewer through key plot points from all six episodes of Star Wars all in one go around. We see all the key components of the saga so quickly and so seamlessly that it’s the true definition of a teaser. Read More >>

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This Crazy Drone Footage of Cars Swallowed by a Sinkhole Looks Like a Disaster Movie

A car park outside an IHOP pancake house in Meridian, Mississippi collapsed the other day leaving a nearly 400 foot by 35 foot gash that swallowed around a dozen cars. Read More >>

Seeing a Pizza Get Made From the Point of View of a Pizza Maker Guarantees Pizza Cravings

Tomorrow's lunch has been decided for me. Maybe even dinner too. The fates have spoken and after watching the entire process of a pizza get made from the perspective of a pizza maker (pizzaiolo!), I need to eat a slice of pizza immediately. Read More >>