New Sponge Can Soak Up Insane Amounts of Oil, We’ll Probably Need It

With a new, loosey-goosey regulatory environment on its way (at least in the US), Exxon Mobil announced some major investments in the US today. Thankfully, scientists have made a recent breakthrough that could help clean up the inevitable oil spills that are on the horizon. Read More >>

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Look at the World’s Biggest Sponge, Which is Over Three Metres Long

This sponge could fill a room in your home. The world’s largest, it was found in the depths of the seas near the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Read More >>

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What Is This?

Is this a ineffective tent with a hole at the top? Of course not. Maybe it's lasers shooting out of an angry pimple? That's even farther off. Perhaps it's a barnacle with slimy arms clinging to a ship's hull for dear life? Not quite, but close. The answer is a lot more historical than that: Read More >>

You Come From This Thing: The Oldest Animal Ever Discovered

Scientists believe that this is the animal from which everything else evolved. The first multicellular being that spawned every living being in this world through billions of mutations, from fish to amphibians to reptiles to birds to mammals to you. Read More >>