Wrap Up Your Halloween by Reading This Twitter Bot’s Weird Reddit-Generated Horror Stories

This year’s Tuesday-night Halloween meant that most of the nation’s serial killers, monsters and various stabby creatures had to turn in early for a bright and early hump day. But in lieu of being chased around by a low-budget demon, it’s not too late to wrap up your night by dimming the lights and reading some tales from a machine designed to creep you out. Read More >>

Why the Hell Does the James Webb Space Telescope Look Haunted?

One of the most powerful telescopes ever built — NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope — is set to make its big debut in 2018. But before it starts scouring distant galaxies, or searching for life around at TRAPPIST-1, the telescope must undergo quite a bit of testing. Apparently, during “lights out inspections,” James Webb gets a little creepy. Read More >>

The Pluto System Is Officially the Underworld Realm Now

If you know your mythology, you’re already familiar with Pluto’s spooktacular namesake; the lovable dwarf planet is named after the Roman god of the underworld, also known as Hades in Greek mythology. He was chiefly in charge of judging the dead, which sounds like one hell of a great gig. Read More >>

A Vast and Spooky Void Is Influencing the Milky Way

“The void” is more than a metaphor for gnawing existential pain. In fact, new research from an international team of scientists suggests that a huge void outside our extragalactic neighbourhood could be impacting the way our galaxy — and others around it — move. Read More >>