Sky and F1 Owners Back Drone Racing

The powers that think they have the clout to decide what we like are going in big on the Drone Racing League, with a conglomerate of backers -- including Sky and F1's new owner Liberty Media -- pumping more millions into the sport they hope might be the next big thing. Read More >>

Cheese-Rolling King Secures Hat Trick

The annual cheese-rolling events at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire took place over the weekend, and we're happy to report that, once again, no one died. The overall victor was, once again, Chris Anderson. Read More >>

Swearing While Exercising Makes You Stronger

That internal voice you have that swears at everything all the time like your life is a Quentin Tarantino movie but without so much sexy foot action? It's helping. It's helping you to exercise better according to scientists, who found that muttering and continually saying rude words elevates physical performance. Read More >>

Athletics to Reboot Records Database and Delete Numerous Memorable Wins

Some of the most memorable moments in the history of track and field athletics are about to be erased from history, as its governing body prepares to wipe many world records set before 2005 from the book. Read More >>

Side of a Factory Nearly Ready to Welcome Brave Climbers

This terrifying image is not the latest Instagram effort of some random thrillseekers -- it's a safe and officially recognised external climbing wall that's been stuck on the side of a grain silo in Leeds, and you can climb up it if you have well controlled bowels and those special strong fingers. Read More >>

Esports Added to 2022 Asian Games Event Rota

There will be an outbreak of manboobs and failed social interactions among the confident elite athletes at the 2022 Asian Games, as the event is set to award medals in a variety of esports for the first time. Read More >>

VR Could Spot Signs of Concussion in Footballers

The emerging worry that is brain injury possibly being caused by heading footballs is the latest target of developers in VR land, with a team of researchers suggesting that VR's sensors and tricking of the brain might be able to detect the early signs of concussion and could therefore save young brains from needless battering. Read More >>

Isolated Group of Scotsmen Realise War on Women Ended Years Ago

A small group of men who never got the message that women are OK now has finally given up the fight to keep them away, with Muirfield golf club voting to let women enter the premises as full members. Read More >>

Chelsea’s Ugly New Football Portal Wins Approval

Football would still appear to be popular, as the pen-pushers in London have said yes to Chelsea's plan to build a new stadium that can fit even more idol worshippers inside it. But still only 22 of the richest ones will be allowed to sit on the grassy bit in the middle, which isn't very inclusive. Read More >>

BT Spends £1.2bn on Keeping European Football a Secret

BT, the telephones company that will be thought of as a telephones company forever whether it likes it or not, is still trying to pretend it's secretly been a TV broadcaster all along. It's agreed to spend a staggering £1.18bn on keeping the rights to the European Championship League football tournament for another three years, for the benefit of a handful of men who can be bothered jumping through its app and streaming hoops to see it. Read More >>

BBC Wales Mildly Offends the English

A BBC Wales advert for its coverage of the Wales v England rugby match has been pulled, after the Global Taking Offense Police took offense and decided it was not politically correct enough to exist in today's hypersensitive world. Read More >>

If in Doubt, Say “Henrik Larsson”

Even if you don't know football, you probably know a few footballers. Gary Lineker, for example. Paul Gascoigne, he was another one. That bald Italian one who always wore black, did lots of running about but never scored, he was great he was. But would guessing a name be enough to win big on a TV quiz sports round? Read More >>

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Sports Gadgets That Absolutely, Definitely Aren’t Smartwatches

I don’t know about you, but I plan to eat dangerously unhealthy amounts of indulgent foods over the next couple of weeks. Pastries, cheeses, meats, roasties -- even the nasty sweet stuff. Read More >>

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Robots Are Truly Lousy Play-Actors

Footballers often get a bad rap, and goodness knows why. Is it because most of them are as thick as two planks? Perhaps it's the wildly overpaid thing? The dabbing? The complete lack of taste? The unbelievably cringey promotional videos? The posing? The play-acting? It's got to be the play-acting. Read More >>

British Wrestling to Return to ITV

Sadly most of the classic British wrestlers of the 1970s are dead or no longer allowed to be in public for reasons to do with historic sex crimes, or both, but that's not stopping ITV from bringing Saturday wrestling back to our TV screens. Read More >>