Sports Direct is Under Fire for Telling Welsh Staff They’re Only Allowed to Speak English

Wales is a strange place to be if you're English. Damn near everyone speaks English, so there are no language barriers to worry about, but everything is bilingual and there are a decent number of people who prefer to speak the native language. Well those people are getting rather angry at Sports Direct, which has demanded all is Welsh-speaking staff speak English. Read More >>

Game Will Soon Have its Own Massive Mugs as Sports Direct Buys a Share of the Company

Sports Direct has taken a 26% stake in Game, the high street software and hardware retailer. The company has recently suffered some setbacks due to lack of stock of Nintendo's Switch and a weaker than usual game lineup. Game shares jumped 15% on the news before dropping slightly but deal means the company is now worth around £47 million, according to The Guardian. Read More >>