Game Recommends Shareholders Accept £51.88 Million Buy-Out by Sports Direct

Retail chain Game took a step closer toward being purchased by partner company Sports Direct on Friday following a recommendation made by Game's board that shareholders accept an offer totalling £51.88 million. Read More >>

Mike Ashley Pops Out to Buy a Game

Not just any old game, not just the new shooting one or the new driving one, but the entire chain of shops operated by Game Digital. He'll then be able to waltz in and order staff to hand over any game he likes. Read More >>

Ocado Boss Warns Mike Ashley Off Buying High Street Remnants

Lord Stuart Rose, who's currently the chairman of in-demand online retailer Ocado and was once the big boss of behemoth M&S, has staged a mini intervention in the case of Mike Ashley. Rose has given the big "calm down" speech and told the Sports Direct entrepreneur to cool it a bit with his buying-up of faltering high street brands. Read More >>

Sports Direct’s High Street Takeover Takes Bizarre Lie Detector Twist

Mike Ashley, boss of Sports Direct and potential owner of half the rest of the high street, is veering into bonkers territory in his current battle to acquire retail giant Debenhams. He's taken a lie detector test to verify his memories of meetings with the Debenhams board, and is asking Debs' bosses to do the same. Read More >>

Patisserie Valerie Rescued By Not-Sports-Direct

Someone is icing a huge sponge cake with the words "THANK FUCK" as we speak, because Patisserie Valerie has been saved. Read More >>

Sports Direct is Under Fire for Telling Welsh Staff They’re Only Allowed to Speak English

Wales is a strange place to be if you're English. Damn near everyone speaks English, so there are no language barriers to worry about, but everything is bilingual and there are a decent number of people who prefer to speak the native language. Well those people are getting rather angry at Sports Direct, which has demanded all is Welsh-speaking staff speak English. Read More >>

Game Will Soon Have its Own Massive Mugs as Sports Direct Buys a Share of the Company

Sports Direct has taken a 26% stake in Game, the high street software and hardware retailer. The company has recently suffered some setbacks due to lack of stock of Nintendo's Switch and a weaker than usual game lineup. Game shares jumped 15% on the news before dropping slightly but deal means the company is now worth around £47 million, according to The Guardian. Read More >>