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Watch This Guy Sink a Record-Breaking 660-Foot Basketball Shot From Atop a Waterfall

From the free-throw line—a distance of just 15 feet—I can maybe put the ball in the basket about twenty per cent of the time. I’m not NBA material, but the league might consider drafting the guys from YouTube’s How Ridiculous, who just nailed a seemingly impossible 660-foot basketball shot. Read More >>

Sky Hands Man an £85,000 Bill After Boxing Match is Streamed on Facebook

There are a lot of consequences for piracy, though these days they tend to be aimed at the people who make it possible rather than those of us who take part. People hosting servers, managing streams, and so on. Rights holders naturally don't like them, so do whatever they can to punish them once they get caught. Read More >>

Amazon Might be Ready to Bid for Premier League Streaming Rights

The Premier League is the most popular spectator sport in the world, with people all over the world tuning in to watch British teams kick a ball around a field. It's no surprise that the rights to show those games are quite sought after, but the competition might get a bit more heated because Amazon is supposedly interested in the streaming rights. Read More >>

Birmingham Wins Bids to Host 2022 Commonwealth Games By Default

Following in the footstep of Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, and Cardiff, it's been announced that Birmingham will host the Commonwealth Games in 2022. It was also the only city to apply, so it basically ran unopposed and won the bid by default. The two sweetest words in the English language... Read More >>

Facebook Could be Gunning for Sky Sports’ and BT’s Place as Kings of the Premier League

Every year football people make a big fuss about their team, and try and shout at their TVs to convince the players to play better and win the league. But whoever wins doesn't matter, because when it comes down to it the only people who win football, or any sport for that matter, are the broadcasters. Read More >>

The BBC is Going to Stream Another 1,000 Hours of Live Sport Each Year

There is a lot of live sport going on in the world. Countless sports, with even more teams, all competing together for whatever coveted title is at the top of their respective league tables. There's so much that a lot of it doesn't get the chance to be broadcast, though the BBC's pledge to stream a further 1,000 hours of live sport every year means there'll be more on offer than ever before. Read More >>

Sky Sports Kodi Streamer Made Example of With £16k Fine

A Sky subscriber who streamed his precious sporting stuff to a wider audience via the internet and those hot potato Kodi boxes has been hit with a large fine for doing so, with the high court asking him to pay Sky around £16,000 by way of an apology for rebroadcasting its live streams. Read More >>

FIFA Confirms the 2018 World Cup Will be Available in UHD, HDR, and VR

It's that time of decade again, with the World Cup set to kick off in Russia next year. Gearing up for the big event, FIFA has just confirmed that all matches will be available for broadcast in UHD HDR, and 360-degree virtual reality. So whether you want to watch the games on your new state of the art TV, or inside a headset of some sort, you should be covered. Read More >>

The World Anti-Doping Agency Is Cracking Down On Gene-Editing In Sports

The promise of gene therapy has the potential to drastically limit the impact of human disease by altering the make-up of the body’s cells to fight back against deadly invaders. If used recreationally, though, gene therapy could also expand the physical limits of human strength and endurance. Like high-tech steroids, gene therapies could one day be a new way for athletes to dope. Read More >>

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Wait, Competitive Hot Air Ballooning Actually Looks Like Fun?

Unless you’re afraid of heights, few would call a ride aboard a hot air balloon a thrilling experience. But did you know there’s such a thing as competitive hot air ballooning? It might not be as exciting as air-to-air combat in fighter jets, but can you think of a sport that has a better view? Read More >>

The Premier League’s Latest Round of Blocking is Disrupting Pirate Kodi Streams

The Premier League has been fighting against the new waves of Kodi-enabled pirate IPTV streams for a while now, recently gaining a new temporary injunction to take them down quicker than it could before. Looks like they're getting right on it, and if Saturday was anything to go by, football pirates are going to have a hard time not paying full price for their sport this season. Read More >>

Rio Looks Apocalyptic a Year After the Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were doomed from the start. Some daft optimists thought that maybe, just maybe, if we just believed in Brazil, the politicians would pull through on their promises that the games would lift the city up to a new level of prosperity. But a year later, the opposite is true. Read More >>

Sky Q’s Dolby Atmos Support Arrives Just in Time for the Football Season

A few weeks ago, when Sky announced its own soundbar, it was revealed that Dolby Atmos support was coming to Sky Q. At the time the broadcaster wouldn't say when it was arriving, other than an unhelpful 'summer' release window. That's changed, because support will be arriving on the service for tomorrow, when Arsenal faces off against Leicester. Read More >>

Premier League Will Shut Down Kodi Plugins And Other IPTV Much Quicker This Year

The English Premier League is worried about streams that broadcast football games for free, so it will apply in advance for an injunction to stop illegal streamers. Read More >>

A New F1 Race In London Could Tear Up The Streets Of Stratford

Everyone who loves a bit of motor racing gets a bit giddy about city races. In F1 the Monaco race is a highlight for a lot of reasons, but putting it on normal streets adds a sense of excitement that a race track doesn't usually have. Perhaps it's the extra danger posed by a track with fewer safety features. Read More >>