A New F1 Race In London Could Tear Up The Streets Of Stratford

Everyone who loves a bit of motor racing gets a bit giddy about city races. In F1 the Monaco race is a highlight for a lot of reasons, but putting it on normal streets adds a sense of excitement that a race track doesn't usually have. Perhaps it's the extra danger posed by a track with fewer safety features. Read More >>

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Playing Darts off a 150-Foot Tower is Even More Dangerous Than in a Bar

One of humanity’s worst decisions has to be the pairing of darts with bars full of drunk patrons making terrible decisions. Throwing tiny pointed spears when you can barely stand once seemed like a dangerous way to have fun, until the lads at How Ridiculous decided to play darts off a 150-foot-tall observation tower. Read More >>

Sky Fiddles With Channels To Create More Sports Output For Now Customers

Sky Sports continues to dominate in the coverage of the world's various sports. It had the one with the egg ball at the weekend, and has apparently considerable coverage of the zoomy cars and the round ball one. So sports-are-go over at Sky. Read More >>

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How to Watch Wimbledon at Work Without Getting Caught

It is that time of the year again when we all dust off our unloved tennis racquets and pull on our white polo necks for the Wimbledon tennis tournament. After all, after Brexit, what else do we have left? Read More >>

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Watch These Impossibly Precise Japanese School Kids Set a New Skipping Rope World Record

With a mind-blowing display of precision and timing, 14 students from the Fuji Municipal Harada elementary school in Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan, set a new Guinness World Record for the most skips over a single rope. In just 60 seconds, the students managed to skip 225 times without a single mistake. Read More >>

Wimbledon’s Strawberries are Growing Underground

This year's fruity Wimbledon treat for attendees is being sourced from a new provider not too far away from the tennis hotbed, via a farm a few miles away -- and a few metres below -- the famous venue. Read More >>

How 4K Could Be The Saviour Of Formula 1

Formula 1 is back on our screens this weekend as the 2017 season kicks off in Melbourne. This is a new look F1, and not just because the cars have undergone one of their biggest regulation changes in years, moving to wider, lower slung chassis and larger, grippier tyres. Read More >>

Watch a Pro Snowboarder Utterly Destroy His Own Front Yard

Anyone who’s ever been brave enough to snowboard has fantasised about dropping in from the roof of their house and turning the yard into wintery play place. Well, maybe not, but pro snowboarder Danny Davis recently did it. Looks awesome. Read More >>

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We Should Definitely Replace the Olympics With These Badass Indoor Skydiving Wind Games

A few months ago we discovered synchronised wind tunnel dancing and hoped the event would become a real Olympic sport. But now we’ve discovered an annual competition for indoor skydiving athletes called the Wind Games, and we should probably just cancel the Olympic Games altogether and watch them instead. Read More >>

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Lady Gaga’s Halftime Super Bowl Show Was Lit By Intel Drones

Lady Gaga, who is actually Satan, performed at this year's #PepsiHalftime Super Bowl halftime show. Her awesome set was kicked off by a solo in front of a night sky filled with Intel drones, and it looked great. Read More >>

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Everything You Need if You Give a Damn About the Super Bowl

In this country 'football' means the game played by a bunch of overpaid men who will fall over and cry out in pain if a fly so much as farts in their general direction. It's also played with your feet, unless you're a goalie. In America football is more like Rugby with padding and ad breaks, and features very little foot-meets-ball action. It's not really seen as a big deal here, except on Super Bowl day. Read More >>

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Slo-Mo Footage of an Exploding American Football is Far Better Than the Super Bowl

If you’re finding it hard to wait until Sunday for the only day Britain is legally allowed to care about NFL, The Slow Mo Guys have something that should tide you over: They used a Phantom V2511 high-speed camera to film a severely overinflated American football at 28,000 frames per second. Read More >>

You Can Make a Wooden Soccer Ball With Some Masterful Carpentry

You won’t want to actually kick it around without wearing steel-toed shoes, but Russian carpenter Vladimir Zhilenko makes turning a bunch of wooden pentagons into a perfectly-round soccer ball look incredibly easy. The final sanding looks especially satisfying, assuming you don’t accidentally sand away your fingertips in the process. [YouTube via The Awesomer] Read More >>

Watch an Aluminium Baseball Bat Crumble When Dunked in This Chemical

The next time you find yourself being chased by bill collectors, all you need is a beaker full of gallium to turn the aluminium baseball bats they’re wielding into what looks like a kid-safe toy made from squishy Nerf foam. Read More >>