Forget the Super Bowl, These Sci-Fi Sports Are Actually ‘Super’

As sports fans around the world gear up for this year’s Super Bowl, you may think, what makes it so “super?” There aren’t any robots. No one flies. Everyone lives at the end. Sure, it’s the two best American football teams playing for a championship, but is it really “super?” Read More >>

Streaming Service Eleven Sports Aims to Tackle Piracy by Ignoring Saturday Football Ban

Since the 1960s Britain has had a ludicrous rule in place, that's so horrendously dumb that even the football-hating me has an opinion on it. Essentially the law says you can't broadcast Saturday afternoon football on TV, because some people were worried fans would stay at home instead of going to real-life matches. So fans are left with the choice of attending the game in person (not always an option) or watching an illegal stream. So, to try and combat the piracy issue, streaming service Eleven Sports has opted to ignore the ban. Read More >>

Sky Celebrates the Ryder Cup by Giving You Money off Sky Sports Passes

Back in June Now TV announced that it was launching a very special (limited time) discount for golf fans, getting nearly 50% off a Sky Sports pass that covers an entire year of the golfing season. While the pass had a golfing theme it could also be used to watch other sports, and if you missed your chance to get your hands on one Sky has something for you. Read More >>

Edible Drinks Pods With Seaweed Skins Go on Test This Month

Far be it from us to tell the drinks experts at Lucozade Ribena Suntory what to do, but Jesus, this sounds like the worst thing to hit the drinks market since peach flavour Coke. Read More >>

Now TV Would Like You to Watch Football, so its Discounted the 10 Month Sports Pass

I don't pay attention to football if I can help it, so being told that the new season is upon us is news to me. The people who care probably already know that, but what you don't already know is that Sky is willing to go to great lengths to have you hand over your money to watch sportball games on one of its own platforms. That's why the Now TV 10 month sports pass has had a 45 per cent price cut. Read More >>

A Lot of People Were Watching the World Cup and Wimbledon in 4K

As a lot of you will be aware, the BBC has been trialling live broadcasts in 4K HDR for a while now. Most notably it promised to stream various World Cup matches and all of Wimbledon with the enhanced picture to further test the capabilities of such high quality live broadcasts. The streams weren't without their hiccups, but that doesn't mean people were any less deterred. Read More >>

4K Vision: Inside The BBC’s Journey To Making TV In Ultra-HD

Over the summer, you might have spotted that the BBC has been quietly dipping its toe into Ultra-HD (UHD) waters. Following the successful iPlayer debut of Blue Planet II in UHD last Christmas, the corporation has more recently been offering the World Cup and Wimbledon’s Centre Court in UHD too - and according to recently released figures these events together totally 1.6m requests for UHD live streams on iPlayer. Read More >>

The Premier League Just Got Permission to Keep Blocking Pirate Sites and Streams Next Season

At times it may feel like rights holders are fighting a losing battle against piracy, especially given how easy it can be at times. But there are plenty of them leading the charge in the counter-attack, especially where sports are concerned. Premier League football is the biggest spectator sport in the world, and there's a lot of money to be made, so it's no surprise that the Premier League itself just got permission to continue blocking pirate sites during the 2018/19 season. Read More >>

Unlike Pornhub, the World Cup Seems to Have Increased XHamster’s Traffic

Yesterday we brought you news that the World Cup seems to have led to a drop in traffic going to Pornhub. Or at least it did stop from countries that were playing a game at the same time. Weirdly, though, one of Pornhub's biggest competitors didn't seem to have that issue. In fact, according to XHamster it saw an increase in traffic from countries involved in the tournament. Read More >>

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I Want to See This Javelin-Launching Slingshot Cannon Shatter Records At the Olympics

The Olympics are supposed to be a series of competitions that test the physical capabilities of the competing athletes. But increasingly, it seems like it’s become a competition over which athlete brings the best gear: be it highly-engineered running shoes, wetsuits, or sleds. So why shouldn’t track and field athletes be allowed to use a comically-monstrous slingshot cannon at the javelin event? Read More >>

Ikea is Celebrating the England v Sweden Game With a ‘Plate of Two Halves’ Meal Deal

Tomorrow is the next stage of the World Cup for England, where it's going to be going up against Sweden, and to celebrate that clash notorious furniture maze Ikea will be offering a special 'plate of two halves' meal deal. So anyone who orders a plate of Ikea's famous meatballs (or the veggie ball alternative) will also get a plate of fish and chips thrown in at no extra cost. Read More >>

The World Cup is Taking People Off the Internet, Says EE

The internet is a big part of our life, and people do spend an awful lot of time online, mainly on our phones but also on the old fashioned computer. Just like you are while reading this. But the internet isn't everything, and there are ways to pull people off the web and do real things in the real world. Like watching football. Read More >>

Corbyn Calls For Extra Bank Holiday If Something That Definitely Won’t Happen Actually Happens

Jeremy Corbyn is a big fan of bank holidays. He can't stop suggesting that people take a day off work, to the point where I think he might have partially reversed his republican image if the government had given everyone an extra day off for Harry's wedding. In addition to the four extra bank holidays he's been promising since last April, Jeremy has suggested people get the day off work should England win the World Cup. Read More >>

4/10 British Men Don’t Know Harry Kane is the England Football Captain

When you think of football you probably think of a sport dominated by men, both on the field and in the stands. But that's not really the case. Despite the fact England is often considered a football-centric society, a new survey finds that's not the case. In fact quite a lot of people are big fat phoneys. Read More >>

The Wimbledon Finals Are Also Available in 4K on Eurosport, if You Have Virgin TV

A couple of weeks ago the BBC announced its next 4K TV trial would involve streaming Wimbledon in 4K HDR via BBC iPlayer - much like it's been doing with the World Cup. The difference was that Sky was also offering Sky Q customers the chance to watch later stages in regular 4K via the red button. Now Virgin is getting in on that action with Eurosport. Read More >>