American Express Customers Can Play Tennis With Andy Murray in an Exclusive Wimbledon VR Experience

American Express customers heading to Wimbledon next month can face off against Andy Murray on the iconic Centre Court - in virtual reality, that is. Although I don't know how fun it's going to be having him breathing down your neck. Read More >>

Popular Football App Spied on Fans Through Phone Microphone to Catch Bars Pirating Game Streams

Spain’s data protection agency has fined La Liga, the nation’s top professional football league, €250,000 (£222,000) for using the league’s phone app to spy on its fans. With millions of downloads, the app was reportedly being used to surveil bars in an effort to catch establishments playing matches on television without a license. Read More >>

Shocking Nobody, the Champion’s League Final Caused a Huge Dip in Pornhub Traffic From Liverpool

Last Saturday was the Champion's League Final, which is a big deal if you follow football. This year it was an all-English final, with Liverpool going up against Tottenham Hotspur, which was was an equally big deal for English fans. Especially fans of the team actually involved, for obvious reasons. It got us thinking, is football enough to get people away from their porn? So we asked Pornhub to check the traffic in four cities. Liverpool and London for obvious reasons, plus Birmingham (the control) and Manchester (to see how the inter-city rivalry played into things). Read More >>

In a UK First, Virgin Media Customers Can Watch the French Open in 4K HDR

The miraculous union of 4K, HDR, and sporting events is here at last, and is being ushered in by Virgin Media who has pipped its fellow broadcasters to the post by being the first in the UK to offer 4K HDR content. Virgin customers with a V6 set-top box can tune into the French Open which began on May 20 and wraps on next weekend on June 9, and enjoy Eurosport's 4K HDR coverage. Just get yourself to Eurosport 1HD (channel 521), Eurosport 2HD (channel 522) or Virgin TV Ultra HD (channel 205 and 999), and hit the red button on your remote to switch over. Obviously, if your telly doesn't support 4K/HDR, or if you don't have the V6 box, this PSA isn't for you. Read More >>

Virgin TV Customers Can Watch the Big Football Events Next Week for Free

Remember when BT said something something football earlier this week? Well Virgin wants you to know that if you're already a customer, you can also watch the UEFA Champions League and Europa League Final without a subscription to BT Sport – which, incidentally, is free for the first three months. Read More >>

BT is Making Sure That Everyone Can Tune in to Some Big Football Thing Starting Next Week

Football fans can get excited about the prospect of watching the UEFA Champions League Final and UEFA Europa League Final for free across TV, mobile devices, and YouTube via the BT Sport App and the BT Sport YouTube channel. Things get even more exciting on the App, with viewers able to watch in VR360 and in HD HDR. Read More >>

Now TV Deal Lets You Pick up Sky Sports Pass for Just £25 a Month

It's not really a British summer until the sun is shining, the grass is green, you've got a Pimms in your hand, and the cricket's on the telly. Well, the sun is attempting to shine at least, somewhere up there. And the grass is more of an off-yellow because it's been exposed to sporadic bouts of direct sunlight, but you definitely can't escape the cricket (hence the need for the Pimms), and Now TV is offering a Sky Sports Pass for just £25 a month for four months, saving you more than 25 per cent off the usual price. Read More >>

Why Did Henry VIII Try to Ban Football?

Football might be the beautiful game but it’s had  a very turbulent past. This was definitely the case in the Tudor era where football was  considered to be a violent street game plagued by severe injury and death. Read More >>

The World’s First Sport Invented By an AI Still Looks Less Absurd Than Synchronised Swimming

It’s not uncommon for new technology to spawn a new sport: Drone racing has become hugely popular around the world, and Segway Polo is apparently still a thing. It’s now artificial intelligence’s turn to give us a new pastime, but will the sport it invented, Speedgate, take the world by storm, or will it be relegated to this advertising agency’s company picnic? Read More >>

climate change
How Technology and Climate Change Are Transforming America’s Wildest Dog Sled Race

The Iditarod is at a crossroads. The near-thousand-mile sled dog race through the US state of Alaska is bound as much by tradition as by the rigging between dog-sledders, or mushers, and their dog teams, who must lead each other through some of North America’s wildest land. It’s the sort of tradition one would expect to fade into legend, as new generations melt, alongside the snow, into burgeoning cities, satellite TV, and new, bare ground for lawns. Read More >>

Now TV is Doing a Limited Edition Formula 1 Season Ticket (Updated)

Update: Sky has apparently pushed this offer back to 5th of March, and never bothered to tell anyone. So those of you who've been looking for discounted sports, and couldn't find this offer, now have your answer. Thanks, Sky. Read More >>

Forget the Super Bowl, These Sci-Fi Sports Are Actually ‘Super’

As sports fans around the world gear up for this year’s Super Bowl, you may think, what makes it so “super?” There aren’t any robots. No one flies. Everyone lives at the end. Sure, it’s the two best American football teams playing for a championship, but is it really “super?” Read More >>

Streaming Service Eleven Sports Aims to Tackle Piracy by Ignoring Saturday Football Ban

Since the 1960s Britain has had a ludicrous rule in place, that's so horrendously dumb that even the football-hating me has an opinion on it. Essentially the law says you can't broadcast Saturday afternoon football on TV, because some people were worried fans would stay at home instead of going to real-life matches. So fans are left with the choice of attending the game in person (not always an option) or watching an illegal stream. So, to try and combat the piracy issue, streaming service Eleven Sports has opted to ignore the ban. Read More >>

Sky Celebrates the Ryder Cup by Giving You Money off Sky Sports Passes

Back in June Now TV announced that it was launching a very special (limited time) discount for golf fans, getting nearly 50% off a Sky Sports pass that covers an entire year of the golfing season. While the pass had a golfing theme it could also be used to watch other sports, and if you missed your chance to get your hands on one Sky has something for you. Read More >>

Edible Drinks Pods With Seaweed Skins Go on Test This Month

Far be it from us to tell the drinks experts at Lucozade Ribena Suntory what to do, but Jesus, this sounds like the worst thing to hit the drinks market since peach flavour Coke. Read More >>