Spotify Finally Allows You to Add as Many Songs to Your Library as You Want

Long before Spotify was a thing, I collected music on my computer during my college days. That collection, which had everything from Cradle of Filth to Dashboard Confessional, to Reverend Horton Heat, easily surpassed 10,000 songs by the end of my first semester as a freshman. By the time I graduated, I had close to 40,000 songs, which are still on that old external hard drive. I definitely had to spend a lot of money on the requisite hardware, but now that we’ve been able to stream music to our phones for a while, there’s no such thing as limits—at least that’s how it’s often felt. But Spotify has capped the number of items you can add to your library for a long time. On Tuesday, the music streaming service announced that it’s stepping into the limitless present and trashing that archaic 10,000 song restriction. Read More >>

Spotify’s Group Sessions Let Anyone Control Your Playlist, So Get Ready for Trolling

If you’ve ever been on a road trip with someone who has totally different taste in music than you, letting them play DJ is a major test of your friendship. If you can figure out how to compromise between the Rat Pack and Slipknot, you might as well make each other godparents to your first born children. Spotify has decided that a global pandemic is a great time to move that experience out of the car and into the home with its new Group Sessions feature, because, you know, we’re not really driving around right now. The feature is currently in beta, but it’s rolling out to Spotify Premium subscribers starting today. Read More >>

harry potter
Daniel Radcliffe Joins a List of Other Celebrities Reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

The Harry Potter At Home initiative sees a star-studded lineup who will be reading chapters from the series first book in both video and audio-only formats for your pleasure. Read More >>

Spotify’s New Podcast Playlists Will Feed Your True Crime Addiction

After originally trying to sneak podcast suggestions in with your song recommendations, Spotify has come up with a better way to suggest shows tailored to your tastes: curated podcast playlists. Read More >>

Spotify’s Weird LinkedIn Playlists Sound Like a Cash Register

Like the brief romance between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, the new Linkedin-owned Spotify playlists are confusing at best. That seemed to be the consensus across the web after the job-hunter’s platform of choice announced these bops in a tweet earlier this week, promising to keep listeners company during “every moment of your career journey.” There’s the “New Job, Fresh Start” playlist for when you start a new job, there’s “Never Give Up” for when you’re unceremoniously laid off from that new job, and when you’re inevitably back to hunting for another new job, the “Interview Time” playlist has you covered. Read More >>

Of Course Spotify is Charging Artists to Promote Their Music to You

In an effort to boost ad sales and generate more revenue, Spotify is reportedly exploring a handful of ways to charge artists and labels for access to listeners – including by asking them to pay up to promote their music. RIP to your organic music recommendation playlists. Read More >>

Spotify’s Newest Feature Lets You Create a Playlist for Your Pets

Whether you have a cat, dog, or some other critter, Spotify has just the playlist for your little pal. Read More >>

Spotify: Your Political Ads Are No Good Here

Streaming giant Spotify will ban all political advertising in early 2020, Ad Age reported on Friday, saying in a statement to the site that it does “not yet have the necessary level of robustness in our process, systems and tools to responsibly validate and review this content.” Read More >>

Spotify Debunks ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’

Well, we probably all know that "Africa" isn't a country and it's so large a place that there are mountainous regions that are indeed home to year-round snowfalls, but Spotify is taking the debunking of festive stalwart Do They Know It's Christmas? to the next level by digging much deeper into the song's lyrics than your usual audio caption has any right or need to do. Read More >>

Spotify Is Testing a New Social Feature That Could Add a Human Touch to Discovery

It appears Spotify is prototyping a function to allow users to more easily discover what their friends are listening to most. Read More >>

Spotify Is Getting the Netflix Treatment

Netflix just announced that’s developing a scripted series based on the “Swedish music sensation Spotify”. Based on the book Spotify Untold, the new Netflix show will tell the music streaming company’s origin story in the framework of piracy in the late 2000s. Whether or not this will be an exciting ride, remains unclear. Read More >>

Spotify Says It Still Has No Plans for Nintendo Switch Support and It Wouldn’t Tell You if It Did

Two years after a forum thread on having Spotify support on the Nintendo Switch, the music streaming app still isn't on there. Read More >>

The Best Music Streaming Services If You Don’t Want to Pay

Chances are you’re already signed up for at least one music streaming service, but if you’re not willing or able to pay a subscription fee for your listening, what are the options open to you? Several streaming platforms let you listen for free, with a few ads and restrictions, so we’ve rounded up what each of the best ones has to offer. Read More >>

Netflix and Spotify Might Be Required to Issue Emergency Alerts From the US Government

Streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Spotify might be required to issue emergency alerts from the US government if lawmakers have their way. TV and radio stations operating in the U.S. are required by law to issue emergency warnings, like the infamous fake missile alert for Hawaii issued in early 2018, but lawmakers want to bring those alerts to more platforms, as viewers use more and more internet-based services. Read More >>

Microsoft Announces a Game Pass/Spotify Deal That’s a Bit Shit

The deal is only going to be of any use to people who have never ever used Spotify Premium in any capacity whatsoever, and have never signed up for Game Pass. Read More >>