Enjoy the Sweet Freedom of Spotify’s Family Plan While It Lasts

If you’re saving a few quid with a Spotify family plan without following the company’s one-household rule, be sure to take advantage of it while you still can. Spotify may come knocking for your “GPS data” to confirm you are indeed following the rules, or else “you may lose access to the plan,” according to two emails posted by subscribers on Twitter. Read More >>

US Satellite Radio Company SiriusXM is Gobbling Up Pandora for Just £2.7 Billion

It was announced this morning that SiriusXM will acquire music streaming service Pandora in a deal worth $3.5 billion (£2.7 billion). SiriusXM is touting the acquisition as the creation of the world’s largest audio entertainment company. Read More >>

Spotify Prepares to Let Anyone Upload Their DIY Acid Bangers

Spotify is making plans to fill one of the more gaping holes in its streaming offering, with a trial about to see it allow so-called indie musicians and their run-by-a-mate record labels self-publish on the platform. Hence anyone may soon be able to become a GarageBand streaming celebrity. Read More >>

Spotify Finally Raises Its Frustrating Limit on Offline Downloads 

Spotify has finally addressed what is, for many users, the biggest problem with its service. On Wednesday, it lifted the number of songs that users are allowed to download for offline listening. Read More >>

Pay For Sky TV and Spotify Premium Together If You Have Sky Q

Is your Sky TV bill too small? Do you want to add more itemised purchases to it? Now you can! Earlier in the year, Sky added the music streaming service Spotify to Sky Q. And now customers who subscribe to Spotify Premium can pay for that right in their Sky bill, with no need for two separate subscriptions. Read More >>

Spotify, Fix Your Crooked Logo—It’s Driving Me Nuts

The Spotify logo is tilted. It took me entirely too long to know this for sure. Read More >>

alex jones
Vimeo Removes InfoWars Content After Alex Jones Seeks Friendly Channels For His Media Empire

With few places to turn, Alex Jones started publishing videos more frequently at Vimeo last week. But it looks like he’s not wanted there either. Vimeo deleted a number of InfoWars videos over the weekend, citing violations of its terms of service. Read More >>

Spotify May Let You Skip Annoying Ads Even If You Don’t Pay Up

Paying for a premium service is the absolute best way to stream your favourite songs—you’ll get a better selection and more importantly, few, if any, frustrating ads. But Spotify is still pushing its free streaming option to keep growing, despite that being one of the biggest, dumbest sticking points in Spotify’s tussle with the music industry. Read More >>

How to Download Everything from Your Favourite Streaming Services

Don’t let a long flight or a loss of signal get in the way of your music and video streaming: Just about all the popular services let you cache downloads for offline use, and Netflix just upgraded its download mechanism to be smarter—downloading the next episode of shows you are watching and automatically deleting the old ones. Here’s how to take advantage of it, and find the features in all the other streaming services you use too. Read More >>

Drake Spam Flooded Spotify This Weekend, Making People Upset

Spotify just found out there’s such a thing as too much Drake. Read More >>

Spotify Backtracks on Controversial ‘Hateful Conduct’ Policy

Spotify doesn’t want to police the content on its platform and the company finally admitted as much in a press release on Friday. The Swedish music service has updated its ‘Hateful Conduct’ rules by effectively walking the entire idea back. Read More >>

Spotify Says Controversial ‘Hate Content’ Policy Was ‘Rolled Out Wrong’

Mistakes happen. On Wednesday night, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek admitted to a rather big one in regards to the company’s controversial “Hate Content and Hateful Conduct” policy. “We rolled this out wrong and could have done a much better job,” said Ek about Spotify’s decision to remove R Kelly and the rappers XXXTentacion and Tay-K from the company’s playlists. Read More >>

Spotify Backtracks on Hateful Content Policy, But R. Kelly is Still Banned

Less than one month after instituting a new policy designed to punish artists for misconduct in their personal life, Spotify is partially walking back its “hateful content” rules that resulted in several artists being removed from the streaming service’s promoted playlists. R. Kelly will continue to be banned. Read More >>

Spotify Agrees to Fork Over £84 Million to Artists in Class Action Settlement

Spotify has faced a number of accusations regarding violations of copyright in recent years and this week saw one of those looming lawsuits put to bed. On Tuesday, a federal judge approved a $112 million settlement in a class action suit that accused Spotify of failing to adequately pay artists for the use of their music. Read More >>

How YouTube Music Stacks Up Against Spotify and Apple Music

On Thursday, Google announced YouTube Music, its latest attempt to get music fans to pay for unlimited streaming. The new service launches on May 22, but how will it compare to Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services, like SoundCloud and Tidal? Here’s everything we know about YouTube Music so far, for anyone curious about switching to the newest player in town. Read More >>