Throwing Spraypaint Into a Running Lawnmower is a Dangerous Way to Make Art

The number of bad ideas on the internet far outweighs the good, and making art by tossing cans of spraypaint into the spinning blades of a running lawnmower falls into that former category. As YouTuber Uncle Rob also discovered, if you’re not careful, your masterpiece might go up in flames before you even have a chance to sign it. [YouTube via Geekologie] Read More >>

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Spraypaint Spirograph: It’s Banksy for Beginners

The Spirograph completely revolutionised doodling as we know it, and Narcélio Grud hopes it can do the same for street art which is commonly looked at as nothing more than graffiti. His machine lets anyone who's unskilled with a can of spraypaint make complex patterns with a spin of its wheel. Read More >>

I Will Only Eat Food That’s Covered in Edible Gold Spray Paint

Since the price of gold is like a bazillion pounds these days, I want to surround myself with as much of it as I can. So that means even fake gold, like this weird ass edible gold paint you spray on food to get flossy, is good with me. Read More >>