Snooper’s Charter Will Be Challenged In The High Court

Human rights group Liberty has been given permission to challenge part of the government's Investigatory Powers Act in court. The act, which is often referred to as the Snoopers' Charter will force ISPs and telecoms companies to retain records of phone calls and visits to websites for a year. Read More >>

Trump’s Crazy British Spy Scenario Actually Happened Once Before, in 1983

President Trump claims that the GCHQ were spying on him at President Obama’s request—a substantial charge to be making of an American ally, let alone a former president, without any proof. But do you want to hear a dirty little secret about Trump’s allegations? An identical scenario to the one Trump describes actually happened in the 1980s. Read More >>

Q is a Woman Says MI6 Boss

The real-world director of security service MI6 has thrown the Bond universe into crisis, revealing that the actual equivalent of Q is a woman. Although given that MI6 doesn't really equip its agents with jetpacks and invisibility cars, she's probably just the boss of the stationery department. Read More >>

edward snowden
US Government Alleges Edward Snowden Is Talking With Russian Spy Agencies

The US House Intelligence Committee released a report today detailing the US government’s version of what Edward Snowden did in the lead up to 2013. And while it contains a bunch of interesting allegations, the most serious claim is that Snowden is actively talking with Russian intelligence agencies. Read More >>

james bond
MI6 Chief Has Mixed Feelings About James Bond

The MI6 has done a thing where it distracts the people from all of the world’s bad stuff by being playful and chatting about James Bond. Read More >>

US Government Officials Can’t Stop Spying on Their Crushes

On Monday, a top prosecutor in the Brooklyn district attorney’s office was arrested amid allegations that she used an illegal wiretap to eavesdrop on a coworker and an NYPD detective. Read More >>

This Malware Turns Headphones Into Microphones

Researchers at Ben Gurion University in Israel have created malware that will turn your plugged in headphones into a microphone. Read More >>

British Defence Giant Offers Tactical Rubbish Bins to American Police

While most of us eventually stop playing spies, American police departments have found it increasingly tough to grow up, using military-developed surveillance equipment for crimes as minor as 911 hangups in recent years. Sensing an opportunity, defence contractors apparently stepped in to fulfil the demand, as demonstrated by a newly leaked 2014 product catalogue from British defence firm Cobham Read More >>

Scientists, Inspired by Skin, Find a New Way To Encrypt Messages

This is certainly a much better idea than a message that self-destructs after you read it (we’re looking at you, Inspector Gadget). Read More >>

All of the Creepy Things Facebook Knows About You

Facebook knows more about your personal life than you probably realise. As part of the company’s increasingly aggressive advertising operation, Facebook goes to great lengths to track you across the web. The company compiles a list of personal details about every user that includes major life events and general interests. For years, details have been murky about how exactly the social network targets ads—but the company has finally given us a glimpse into how the secret sauce is made. Read More >>

north korea
North Korea’s Broadcasting Strange Codes on the Radio and Nobody Knows Why

Lately some strange radio broadcasts have been coming from North Korea, according to the South Korean government. Read More >>

Facebook Says it’s Definitely Not Listening to Your Phone’s Microphone to Target You With Ads

Facebook wants you all to know that it’s not listening to your microphone to covertly sell you ads, nope, no way, nuh-uh, no siree, no way! Read More >>

UK Spies Have Been Abusing Their Powers to Send Birthday Cards

Dirty new documents obtained by Privacy International show that the MI5, MI6 and GCHQ have been collecting a lot more data than we’ve previously been led to believe, as well as abusing their powers to ridiculous lengths. While the government has insisted that only suspected criminals are being tracked by the agencies, the papers reveal that people "unlikely to be of intelligence or security interest" are also being widely monitored, and that ministers have known about this since the late 1990s. Read More >>

Government Hoping Investigatory Powers Bill v2.0 is Toned-Down Enough to Stick

The revised Investigatory Powers Bill is set to be unveiled today, with the ministers behind it hopeful that their tweaked version will be accepted in parliament and introduced in practice before the end of the year. Read More >>

GCHQ Spies Collect Too Much of Our Data For Their Own Good

Edward Snowden has shown that he’s still an almighty pain in GCHQ’s backside by leaking a document that describes the spy agency’s approach to data-collection. The ‘Data Mining Research Problem Book’ is essentially a top secret manual designed to help spies, well, spy. Read More >>