Scientists, Inspired by Skin, Find a New Way To Encrypt Messages

This is certainly a much better idea than a message that self-destructs after you read it (we’re looking at you, Inspector Gadget). Read More >>

Look at This Googly-Eyed Squid

While scientists were exploring off the California coast, they happened upon this adorable li’l googly-eyed squid. Read More >>

Scientists Harness the Power of a Special Liquid to Help Clothing Repair Itself

When you rip clothing, you either have to go get it repaired, repair it yourself, or sigh heavily and throw it away. You’re lucky if you have the tools necessary to repair torn fabrics, or just have all the money in the world to pay someone else to fix it for you, but what if you could skip all that? Read More >>

Dutch Publishers Print Book in (Unsurprisingly Stinky) Squid Ink

Something smells fishy... Naar Inkt Vissen is a book of sailors' stories with a difference. Today Designers' 700-book run is bound with industrial fishing wire - and printed using a litre and a half of squid ink. Read More >>

Squids for iPhone and iPod touch: Cephalopod Strategy Will Octopi You for Hours

“It’s like [Popular Game X] on [Addictive Narcotic Y]!” App Store blurbs are often misleading, but the insistence of game site The Escapist that Squids is “the adorable spawn of Angry Birds and Final Fantasy Tactics” isn’t too far from the truth. Read More >>