Pine Martens Side with Red Squirrels in Battle for UK Treetops

The poor little besieged UK red squirrel could have an animal ally in the form of the pine marten, thanks to scientists discovering that the marten – a predator of both red and grey flavours of squirrel – is better at hunting out and eating the often hated greys. Read More >>

Scientists Want to Hack Grey Squirrels to Death

Scottish scientists are planning to hack the DNA of the often-hated grey squirrel, in hope that selectively breeding a broken female strain could lead to their eventual eradication from the wild. It's the only way a map of Scotland is likely to turn red in the foreseeable future. Read More >>

Adorable New Species of Flying Squirrel Discovered in China

A newly described species of flying squirrel is teaching researchers more about these enigmatic, tree-hopping rodents, but its threatened status means scientists will have to act fast. Read More >>

Here’s How an Absurd Primate Ended Up With Squirrel Teeth

The aye-aye is about as ridiculous looking as a primate can get: beady yellow eyes, bat-like ears, and hands like horrible spiders. But perhaps its most interesting feature is its teeth. Read More >>

Genetic Analysis Suggests Squirrels Contributed to the Global Spread of Leprosy

Leprosy is one of the oldest known diseases to afflict humans, yet its origin is mired in controversy. A new study, in which 10 strains of the disease were detected in the remains medieval Europeans, is now complicating the picture even further by pointing to western Europe as a potential launching point for leprosy. What’s more, the evidence also points to squirrels as a major contributing factor in the spread of the dreaded disease. Read More >>

Gove Plans Grey Squirrel Genocide

Michael Gove is in charge of what happens to all the animals now, like a modern-day Noah, and is apparently about to declare a mass extinction-level attack on the grey squirrel population. No, you little grey rodent, you are not coming on the Ark. Read More >>

Fat Squirrels Mug Children for Treats

A horde of rampant, food-crazed squirrels are running wild in Cornwall, after the unusually mild winter and its abundant harvest left them wide awake, fat, full of energy, and craving more. Read More >>

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Squirrel Steals GoPro, Records Harrowing Escape

After a squirrel mistook it for a tasty nut, YouTuber Viva Frei wasn’t sure if he’d ever see his GoPro camera again. But he did it eventually get it back—and more. The GoPro was actually recording from the squirrel’s perspective as it raced through the branches of a tree, and the footage is amazing. Read More >>

This Map Shows Power Outages Caused by Cyber-Terrorist Squirrels  

There’s a dark and mysterious force out there that’s intent on attacking countries' power lines, and this map shows exactly where the culprits strike. The culprits are, of course... squirrels. Read More >>

Man Claims Eco-Friendly Car Was Eaten by Squirrels

Toyota's latest Aygo is apparently so eco-friendly that some of the rubbers are edible -- leading to one man to claim his car's being slowly eaten away by squirrels. Read More >>

Humiliate Your Backyard Pests With This Giant Head Squirrel Feeder

There's no point to deliberately feeding squirrels since those suburban rats will raid bird feeders and anyplace else they can snag a meal. But if you absolutely must feed them, at least use this giant squirrel head feeder that will humiliate the bastards while they scrounge for supper. Read More >>