Exclusive: The Thing That Exploded at St Pancras Wasn’t a Smartphone

A bang and a cloud of smoke cleared out the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras this week, when a lot of people understandably panicked that some kind of terrorist incident was afoot. Read More >>

A Smartphone Exploded at St Pancras

Someone's phone scared the absolute bejeezus out of everyone at the Eurostar terminal in St Pancras station in London last night, when it decided to do a Note 7 and explode. Read More >>

Twitter Welcomes You to St Pancras With Four Hours of Free Wi-Fi

Twitter has signed an odd deal with the operators of St Pancras International station in London to boost the Wi-Fi options available within, letting users sign into the station's free Wi-Fi service using their Twitter account details alone -- then thanking them for doing so by letting users stay connected for four solid, eye-straining, battery-depleting hours. Those newly disembarked foreigners won't believe how good we have it here. Read More >>

St Pancras International is the Worst Station for Mobile Reception

Global Wireless Solutions carried out a number of tests using EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone to see what phone signal was like coming in and out of London's most popular commuter routes. Testers at the ultra-modern, Eurostar-toting St Pancras International station experienced 99 failures on average. Radlett, the next worst, only experienced 53. Read More >>