This is How You Quickly Plop an Olympic Swimming Pool Into a Basketball Stadium

There are lots of professional sports venues that can be transformed to accommodate basketball and hockey, or baseball and football. But this timelapse video showing a temporary Olympic-sized, above-ground swimming pool being installed in a stadium in Omaha will make you angry at the six-foot inflatable kiddie pool your parents bought you as a kid. Read More >>

Japan’s Olympic Stadium Debacle Should be an Example for Other Olympic Cities 

After years of controversy, Japan’s Sport Council has chosen a new design for an Olympic stadium in Tokyo. It will be smaller, more sensitive to its surroundings, and (relatively) inexpensive; it could even become a model for other host cities. Read More >>

Lego Fan Will Build You a Football Stadium for £299

If you want to give your treasured minifigs a bit of a run-out at the weekend, head off to DIY Lego reseller Brickstand, where an authentic Lego football stadium can be yours in return for a Premier League price tag of £299. Read More >>

How Vacant World Cup Stadiums Could Be Turned Into Housing

The World Cup ends this weekend, leaving Brazil with the heady task of deciding what, exactly, to do with the 12 stadiums that were built or converted for games. Two architects have published a proposal to convert the stadiums into something Brazil desperately needs: Affordable housing. Read More >>

Explore all 12 World Cup Stadiums (No Riot Gear Required)

Brazil is a long trek for most of us, and, y'know things around the event tend to get a bit... rowdy? Well, Google Maps is bringing Street View to all twelve of the stadiums, so you can explore them from the convenience/safety of your own sofa. Read More >>

How a Crumbling 1960s Stadium Was Resurrected to Host the World Cup

When the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Brazil next year, matches will take place inside of Mineirão Stadium, a 50-year-old venue that was in ruins only a decade ago. But thanks to some careful renovations at the hands of BCMF Arquitetos, it's new again — and ready for a little football action. Read More >>

Awesome Desert Stadium Built Right Into the Ground

Lebanese design firm MZ Architects designed this stadium in the desert of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates, maximising the surrounding landscape by turning it into the actual infrastructure of the building itself. Read More >>