Brilliant Staircase Design Stores Extra Energy to Make It Easier to Climb Later

Do you deliberately avoid visiting friends who live in multi-story buildings without a lift? No one would fault you—having to climb even just a single flight of stairs is like being forced to workout against your will. But thanks to engineers at Georgia Tech and Emory University, stairs might one day do all the hard work for you. Read More >>

This Treacherous Hanging Staircase Doubles as Shelving and a Desk

Here's a great space-saving idea for anyone living in a small home with multiple floors who also happen to be incredibly sure-footed. Mieke Meijer's designed this completely unorthodox staircase called the Object Élevé for a home in the Netherlands to maximise space, functionality, and wow factor. Read More >>

Amazing Optical Illusion Staircase Seems to Go to Heaven

Check out this great photograph by Paul Davis of the awesome sculpture by David McCracken on the beach of Bondi, Australia. Called Diminish and Ascend, this aluminium staircase seems to go to infinity and beyond. McCracken deformed the stairs' angles to create the optical illusion, which works from other angles too. Read More >>

22 Stairways That Lead Nowhere

There is something weird and mysterious about stairways that don't go anywhere, and yet they're surprisingly common: inside and outside old buildings, among demolished walls, in big cities and small villages, or in artists' imaginations. They get your mind going, spurring you to imagine secret places and invisible doors. Try climbing the next one you encounter. Or just imagine climbing these. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #9 Results: Stairs

In our last Shooting Challenge we gave you a simple brief; one that was open to a lot of interpretation and gave you scope for oodles of creative goodness. The task of shooting stairs or components of was the perfect opportunity to see things from another angle; and many of you rose to the challenge. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #9 — Stairs

Stairs -- unless you're in a wheelchair, bedridden or suffer from bathmophobia (a fear of stairs or steep slopes) they're something most of us use everyday and probably give no thought to whatsoever. But stairs can throw up some fantastic photo opportunities if you allow yourself to see them as something more than just stairs. Read More >>

This Lovely Lighting Perfectly Complements a Spiral Staircase

A spiral staircase is a gorgeous feature of this Beirut home. And .PSLAB has made the gem even better, by adding a modern circular chandelier above it. Read More >>

Despite Two Deaths in Two Weeks, Elevators Are Still Safer Than Stairs

Yesterday a woman was killed when she tried to enter an elevator that suddenly shot upwards out-of-control. Just a week earlier, a woman was crushed by an elevator as she tried to crawl out of one that was in-between floors. Are you now terrified of elevators? Read More >>