What a Radioactive Town Looks Like Five Years After the Humans Left

Since March 2011, a 30-mile radius around the ruined Fukushima Daiichi reactor has been a designated exclusion zone, unsafe to travel. Over 100,000 evacuees left in a hurry and left behind a snapshot of what life looked like in the moments just before they fled. A brave soul recently snuck in to photograph the apocalyptic scene today. Read More >>

windows 8
Windows 8.1 Mouse Problem Is Busting Up Gamers’ Frag Counts

The Windows 8.1 problem may have addressed many of the problems users had when delving into Microsoft's tile-filled operating system, but it seems it's also created a whole new batch of issues that are causing headaches for gamers in particular. Read More >>

Strapping a Smartphone to Binoculars is a Stalker’s Wet Dream

Snapzoom is an interesting Kickstarter project that marries a stalker's two favourite inventions: the smartphone, and binoculars. The result? High-res imagery without having to breach your restraining order. Read More >>

Try These Criminal Tricks to Stalk Yourself: It’s Seriously Creepy

A new report out today from security company ALLOW shows all the tricks that identity thieves use to stalk their victims. None of it's particularly sophisticated, but holy hell is it creepy. Read More >>

ShadowMe Lets You View Anyone’s Twitter Feed From Your iPhone

Stop pretending like you’re not a social media stalker. That person you have a crush on. That head honcho you interviewed with. That celebrity you’re utterly obsessed with. Thanks to ShadowMe, you can now use your iPhone to see what they see on Twitter. It’s similar to what Tweetdeck already does, but, you know, shrunken down. We’ll be adding this one to our arsenal. [iTunes via Cnet] Read More >>

Chat Up Women Who Have Been “Put in the Mood” By 50 Shades of Grey With This Handy Tool

OK, so if you hadn't heard there's a new book that's taken the female consciousness by storm; it's basically "porn lite" I'm reliably informed. Anyway, lots of women have been tweeting and Facebooking about it, and now there's a handy tool to find them and chat them up, once you know they've been, err, reading. Read More >>