Former Cop in Australia Jailed for Using Police Databases to Look Up Tinder Dates

An ex-cop in Western Australia has been jailed for six months for using police databases to snoop on the records of dozens of women he’d encountered on dating sites like Tinder and PlentyOfFish, Australia’s ABC News reported on Friday. Read More >>

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How to Stalk a Cheater Using Satellites and Mobile Phones

Waiting around for your lover's cheating heart to tell on them won't get you anywhere. But with these sneaky tracking apps and GPS tokens, you'll know exactly whose bed their boots have been under. Read More >>

Science: Stop Stalking Your Ex on Facebook, It’s Damaging Your Health

Basically the whole point of Facebook is to be able to stalk old "friends", people from your school and your ex-partners to see how they're doing, and hopefully see that they're doing much, much worse than you. But, apparently, tracking your ex is actually doing you mental harm, and you should stop it, now. Read More >>

Social Stalker Site Shames Those Who Say Silly Things in Public

Social aggregator We Know What You're Doing is some sort of "experiment" being run by a chap called Callum Haywood, which pulls public status updates from a variety of social networks. The results are pretty shameful. Read More >>

Look Who’s Stalking: The 10 Creepiest Apps For Phones, Facebook, More

To one degree or another, everyone's been an internet stalker at some point. But some apps and services make it crazy, crazy easy to exceptionally creepy. Our friends at Laptop Mag rounded up the shadiest—you know, for reference. Read More >>

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World’s Creepiest Girl-Stalking App Gets Pulled From the App Store

What must be the creepiest app ever conceived and let into Apple’s sacred walled garden, “Girls Around Me”, has been pulled from sale after Foursquare got wind it was using and abusing its service. The app allowed you to scan for women in your vicinity using Foursquare and Facebook to trawl for the “millions of chicks checking in daily” – “the perfect complement to any pick-up strategy”. No, this isn’t another April Fools. Read More >>

The Devious, Unstoppable Way to Stalk People on Facebook

Your girlfriend dumped you. She's probably going to unfriend you on Facebook next. But don't you want to keep an eye on her page, just for a little while? Here's how to stealthily stalk anyone on Facebook. Invincibly. Forever. Read More >>