Classic Ladybird Books are This Month’s Very Interesting New Stamps

The Ladybird books -- the proper old ones not the ironic/funny new ones -- are on the stamps of the UK now, as the Royal Mail's latest set immortalises some of the nation's favourite old illustrated books. Read More >>

The Spacehopper Immortalised in Stamps

A new set of UK stamps gives official legend status to some of our most famous toy creations, including the spacehopper, the Sindy doll, Action Man and the odd 1980s niche world of the Spirograph. Read More >>

New Stamps Celebrate Existence of Stamps

The Royal Mail has released some stamps to celebrate stamps themselves, putting images of stamps on stamps and possibly creating the sort of delivery paradox wormhole into which Yodel and Hermes packages routinely disappear. Read More >>

Royal Mail Posts a Set of Bowie Stamps to Space*

The Royal Mail has done a stunt. To celebrate the release of its set of lovely David Bowie stamps it sent a parcel of full sets into space -- or near space, or at least quite high above the clouds, I don't know I'm not Brian Cox -- and is challenging the people of the world to work out where they're going to land to win a set. Probably in a neighbour's shed, two days late. Read More >>

David Bowie Must’ve Been Good as They’re Doing Him in Stamps

The Royal Mail clearly takes a while to get things done, as it's just revealed a plan to launch a series of stamps featuring David Bowie -- the man who even innovated in death by kicking off 2016's celebrity apocalypse just over a year ago. Read More >>

These Limited Edition Shakespeare Stamps Celebrate the Bard’s Best Lines

The Royal Mail is marking the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death by releasing 10 commemorative stamps marked with famous lines from some of his most celebrated plays, including Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. There's a 'doth' or two, a 'thine' and even a 'comforteth', making them significantly more flowery than the letters you plan to attach them to. Read More >>

North Korea Issues Stamps to Celebrate Satellite Launch, New Cold War

There’s no greater celebration of your country’s majesty than putting its achievements on a postage stamp. Throughout the Cold War, the United States and Soviet Union both loved to put their space accomplishments on stamps. But with our New Cold War™, it’s North Korea’s turn. Read More >>

These 1989 Stamps Showcased the Amazing Lies of Future Space Travel

Back in olden times, people used what were called “postage stamps” to send “letters” to “friends” and relatives. Back in olden times people also believed that the US space programme would expand exponentially, returning humans to the moon. These stamps from 1989 survive as an artefact of that vision. Read More >>

Python, the Ronnies, Pete & Dud and More Immortalised on Comedy Stamps

A new set of stamps has gone on sale in the UK today, with the Royal Mail unfortunately choosing the least funny day of the year to release its Comedy Greats series. Read More >>

The UN Has its Own Postal Service and You Can Buy its Great Stamps

One of the UN's many delightful eccentricities is its internal United Nations Postal Administration, which was founded in 1951 and issues stamps than can only be used within the UN—even though, intriguingly, they're hugely popular outside of it. The UN recently issued its latest batch of designs, and they're great. Read More >>

Royal Mail’s First Ever Prime Ministers Stamp Set Features Margaret Thatcher

The Royal Mail has revealed its latest series of celebrity stamps, featuring, for the first time in its history, the faces of some of the country's best known prime ministers. If you're John Major, you'll have to draw one for yourself. Read More >>

Plaster Your Face Over Important Paperwork With These Custom Stamps

Signatures are for suckers. If you really want to leave your mark on a sheet of loose leaf, consider this idea from the fine folks at Stamp Yo Face! It's a custom stamp. Of yo face. Read More >>

Why This Red Smudge is the Most Valuable Stamp in the World

It may be hard to believe, but that faded bit of paper you see above is actually the most sought-after and revered stamp in the world. Or at least, it will be this June, which is when it's poised to pull in a whopping £6-12 million at auction—the most money ever spent a dirty piece of paper. Read More >>

Beat Royal Mail’s Jacked-Up Stamp Prices With Your “Screw Email, I Still Use Snail Mail” Deal of the Day

As you may be aware, the Royal Mail yesterday stuck the knife deep into the heart of all of us, with their announcement of horrific stamp price increases. Read More >>