Report: Things Aren’t Going So Well for Stan Lee

You’d imagine that—as one of the most important people in comics history, who always happens to have executive produced and had cameos in all of Marvel’s films—Stan Lee wouldn’t exactly have to worry about money. But according to a report from The Daily Beast, Lee’s finances are in a state of disarray thanks to people in his orbit who’ve been taking advantage of him in order to get to his wealth. Read More >>

Stan Lee’s Cameo in Doctor Strange Could Have Been a Lot Creepier

Way back when, James Gunn filmed a bunch of Stan Lee cameos in a row for not only his Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but three other films as well. One of the cameos Gunn filmed popped up in Doctor Strange, but it wasn’t the only option on the table. Read More >>

We Have Achieved the Technology to Keep Stan Lee Attending Comic-Con for All Eternity

There’s a new a virtual reality app named Hindsight VR that currently allows people to “join” Stan Lee at Comic-Con, no matter where they happen to be. It’s all fine and dandy, but there’s been an even bigger breakthrough as a result: Technically, Virtual Stan can attend every single Comic-Con from now until the end of time. Read More >>

Stan Lee Sees Himself as Tony Stark and Admits to Taking Shortcuts With X-Men

Stan Lee has revealed who he considers his greatest superhero to be, and it’s neither Hulk nor Wolverine. Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, the 92-year-old identified Spider-Man as his “most successful” character, which will have fans of the webbed wonder wetting their pants. Read More >>

Even Stan Lee Has a Hot Toys Action Figure Now

This is the point we’ve reached now. Hot Toys has made so many eerily accurate replicas of Marvel’s movie superheroes, they’re now turning to a man who played a role in some of their creation stories for toy inspiration. Yes, now even Stan Lee is getting immortalised in plastic. Excelsior! Read More >>

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Comic Book God Stan Lee Explains His Beef With Superman

Though the world of comic book superheroes requires a suspension of disbelief, there are still rules even superheroes need to follow! Things just can't happen when they don't make sense! At least that's what comic book legend Stan Lee thinks. And if he thinks like that, we should listen. Here he explains why he really hates Superman. And it goes beyond Superman being boring. Read More >>

Stan Lee Explains Why 3D Movies Suck

It's not that 3D movies aren't worth watching because some totally are (see: Gravity). It's that Hollywood loves to shove it down our throat as something new and fancy and some sort of advanced technology and trendy and bullcrap like that. It's not! Read More >>

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Stan Lee Explains the Ludicrous “Science” Behind Superheroes

Superheroes don't make a lot of scientific sense. They're better than science; that's half the fun. But you've gotta try and keep a little believability in there, and Stan Lee explains exactly how to do it. Read More >>