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Even a Simple Non-Charging Apple Watch Stand is Bloody Expensive

With the Apple Watch now definitely coming to these shores on a particular date, we are officially on the precipice of an accessory volcano. And if Apple aren't charging us through the teeth for them, then third parties are happy to get in on the action. Read More >>

Essex Football Club Bought its New £5,000 Stand Off eBay

The dozens of fans of non-league club Brightlingsea Regent will soon be able to enjoy their team's struggles in greater comfort, thanks to club management spending £5,000 on a new stand. Which they got off eBay. Read More >>

A Simple Leather Loop That Outperforms Most Smartphone Accessories

Most leather accessories for your smartphone take the form of unflattering cases that add unnecessary bulk to your device and detract from its sleek design. And that's why we love Alain Berteau's lovely leather keyring accessory—because it does neither of those things. Read More >>

The Sne Stand Cradles Your iPad In Its Graceful Curve

We've all spent a lifetime staring at TVs several feet away, so it makes sense that man lacks the requisite strength to hold a tablet for prolonged viewing sessions. Resorting to a stand is nothing to be ashamed of, particularly if it's got the graceful curves of the sne. Read More >>

Literally Use Your Tools To Build an iPad Stand

You might not be handy with a hammer or a screwdriver, but this clever iPad stand being sold on Etsy shows that you don't actually need any construction skills to build a highly-functional stand. Just the tools themselves. Read More >>

Is the Prizm a Multi-Function Stand Or a Klingon Ceremonial Weapon?

Hub's flat-packed Prizm iPad stand is designed to be as light and minimal as possible, separating into two pieces of precision cut thin aluminium that can be easily slipped inside a bag or case alongside your tablet. Read More >>

Magnus Is One Beautiful Low-Profile Magnetic iPad Stand

If Apple had designed an iPad 2 stand that didn't double as a protective cover, I'm inclined to believe it would look exactly like Ten One Design's Magnus, which uses a strong neodymium magnet to make the iPad appear to float. Read More >>

Another £40 Tablet Stand Designed For a Device Meant To Be Held

For every person who buys a tablet to use as a media consumption device, there's another who buys one with intentions of transforming it into a full blown laptop or desktop PC via clunky third-party accessories. No, really, you shouldn't have. Read More >>

Wool Felt iPad Case Rolls Itself Into a Subtle Tablet Stand

As an Incase product owner I'm pretty used to the idea of my iPad and MacBook cases being simple black and white affairs that perform their jobs well with little fanfare (and a high price). Read More >>