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Report: A Next Generation Sequel Could Be Included in Alex Kurtzman’s Expansive New Star Trek Deal

In the wake of shocking allegations against Star Trek: Discovery’s showrunners, producer Alex Kurtzman recently took over the role of showrunning the latest Trek series’ sophomore season. But according to multiple reports today, he’s just signed a new deal with CBS that could usher in multiple new Star Trek shows. Hold on to your butts... Read More >>

Star Trek: Discovery Has Suddenly Changed Showrunners Again

If you had hopes that it would be smooth sailing ahead for Star Trek: Discovery as the show heads into its second season — well, it seems the waters are still a bit rough. Showrunners Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts are out, and executive producer Alex Kurtzman will step in. Kurtzman will also run the show’s writers’ room. Read More >>

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Watch the Cast of Deep Space Nine Tour Star Trek Online’s Digital Version

Experiencing a space you know in real life in digital form is a fascinating, mystifying thing. Seeing a space you helped build, one that only existed fully in the imagination of fans... Well, that’s even more special. Read More >>

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Feast Your Eyes on the Original Design for Star Trek: Discovery’s Saru

Even though Star Trek: Discovery is a prequel to the original series, it’s added quite a few new aliens and creatures to Star Trek’s database. The most notable would be Saru (Doug Jones), a Kelpian with serious fear instincts and a strut like a gazelle supermodel. However, the original plan for Saru’s look didn’t include a butt-like nose and a lunchmeat-tinted face. It was more akin to something out of Pan’s Labyrinth. Read More >>

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Report: The Wrath of Khan Director Reveals He Was Making a Star Trek Trilogy, But It’s Been Delayed

Last year, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer perked the Spock ears of fans everywhere when he hinted that he was working on a new Star Trek project. Now, the Tribble’s out of the bag. Meyer has shared news about this top-secret project, mostly because he’s not sure if it’ll happen anymore. Read More >>

Scientists Didn’t Invent a Star Trek ‘Cloaking Device,’ But What They Did is Still Neat

Several news outlets have claimed that scientists have created a “cloaking device” like those seen on Star Trek, but that’s not quite what happened. The cloaking devices on Star Trek bend light to render an object invisible, and the new device merely deflects sound. The technology also isn’t so new, as others are working on devices like these. It’s still cool, though. Read More >>

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The Star Trek Movieverse Has Finally Hired Its First Female Director

If you thought the most surprising thing about Star Trek film franchise was that Quentin Tarantino was potentially penning an R-rated script for it, think again. The big news now is that the Star Trek movieverse will finally be adding a female director to its ranks. Damn, it’s about time. Read More >>

This New Star Trek: Discovery Teaser Offers a Fleeting Glimpse of the Enterprise and Its Crew

Star Trek: Discovery’s first season ended with the mother of all cliffhangers: the titular ship coming face to face with one of the living legends that is the USS Enterprise. Which means, now that season two of the show has entered production, we can get a teasing look at how the show will translate ‘60s scifi goodness into Discovery’s modern visuals. Read More >>

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Benedict Cumberbatch Shared His Star Trek Secrets With Stephen Hawking

When Benedict Cumberbatch appeared as the antagonist of Star Trek Into Darkness, the identity of the character he was playing was kept very secret, to the point that JJ Abrams straight-up lied about it. But apparently Cumberbatch spilled the beans to one special person. Read More >>

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Star Trek: Discovery’s Version of the Enterprise Had to Be Modified for Legal Reasons

The finale of Star Trek: Discovery gave us a short glimpse at the most legendary ship in the entire Starfleet: the Enterprise, ten years before the original Star Trek television show. Befitting the different visual style of Discovery, the ship looks a little different than we remembered, but that apparently wasn’t just for creative reasons. Read More >>

Tig Notaro Is Boarding Star Trek: Discovery

Honestly, considering the... staffing changes the good ship Discovery went through over the course of the first season, the crew could do with all the hands they could get. But Notaro will be serving the Federation elsewhere in season two. Read More >>

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Bonus Scene Confirms Major Fan Theory for Star Trek: Discovery, and Hints What’s to Come

One of the bigger mysteries to come out of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery (out of many, I suppose) was: “What’s up with those black badges?” We’ve gotten hints that this could be connected to a major group in the Star Trek universe. An alternate ending for the first season has not only confirmed this, it’s also brought an important character into the fold. Read More >>

William Shatner Responds to Flat Earthers Using His Image to Promote Their Stupid Ideas

One-time Star Trek star William Shatner wants you to know that he does not support Flat Earth thinking. Read More >>

Netflix Boldly Streams Where No Site has Streamed Before

Netflix is available in 190 different countries, which is basically everywhere except North Korea, Crimea, Syria, China. Even Antarctica has Netflix, for all those bored scientists, explorers, and penguins. Three of those four countries can't ever get Netflix because of US sanctions, and expanding into China might be difficult. But you know where Netflix can expand to? Space. Read More >>

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Star Trek: Insurrection is Better With Just the Spaceships

Star Trek: Insurrection was many things, and a good movie unfortunately isn’t one of them. But it had some interesting ship designs, though! Read More >>