William Shatner Responds to Flat Earthers Using His Image to Promote Their Stupid Ideas

One-time Star Trek star William Shatner wants you to know that he does not support Flat Earth thinking. Read More >>

Netflix Boldly Streams Where No Site has Streamed Before

Netflix is available in 190 different countries, which is basically everywhere except North Korea, Crimea, Syria, China. Even Antarctica has Netflix, for all those bored scientists, explorers, and penguins. Three of those four countries can't ever get Netflix because of US sanctions, and expanding into China might be difficult. But you know where Netflix can expand to? Space. Read More >>

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Star Trek: Insurrection is Better With Just the Spaceships

Star Trek: Insurrection was many things, and a good movie unfortunately isn’t one of them. But it had some interesting ship designs, though! Read More >>

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Fake Research Paper Based on Star Trek: Voyager’s Worst Episode Was Published by a Scientific Journal

“Threshold” is one of the most infamous Star Trek episodes ever. You know what’ we’re talking about—the one with Warp 10 and the weird evolved amphibians. Well, it was also the recent subject of a fake scientific research paper submitted in a test to expose the ever-growing problem of “predatory” scientific journals. Read More >>

In Its First Season, Star Trek: Discovery Asked Hard Questions It Never Really Wanted the Answers to

Going into Star Trek: Discovery, fans were told to expect something new. It would be dark. It would be modern. It would push the boundaries of where Star Trek had boldly gone before. Now that we’re at the end of Discovery’s first season, we know it did take a few steps in those directions—but every time it did, it retreated back the minute things got too uncomfortable. Read More >>

This Crayfish Has Mutated Into a Super-Gross Tribble Nightmare

Imagine an animal that can reproduce at a rate not unlike Star Trek’sclassic Tribbles—because it’s actually cloning itself. This stranger-than-fiction monstrosity is worse than a scifi horror, because it’s entirely real. Read More >>

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Star Trek: Discovery Asks the Age Old Question: If You Kill Your Mirror Universe Self, Is It Murder or Suicide?

Ah, Discovery. This might be the best exploration one of these episodes has ever done in encapsulating just how miserable the Mirror Universe really is. Like, we all joke about goatees and the agony booth, but the idea’s existed for so long it’s almost been kitschy. Not anymore. But, of course, the true betrayal isn’t this universe’s versions of themselves, but something Discovery brought along with it. Read More >>

Stop What You’re Doing and Watch Black Mirror’s ‘USS Callister’

Ever since I heard Netflix’s Black Mirror was going to do a parody of Star Trek, with a focus on totalitarianism, a million ideas ran through my head. Was this going to be like Star Trek: Discovery, exploring the conflict between military might and scientific exploration—or, was it going to be the Mirror Universe brought to life, showing what a man like Captain Kirk would become if he’d been given more control? As it turns out, “USS Callister” was nothing like I expected, and it’s an absolute must-see. Read More >>

Report: Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie Pitch Is R-Rated

Earlier this week, we got the ridiculous report that Quentin Tarantino not only pitched a Star Trek movie, but that J.J. Abrams was allegedly drafting up a writers room alongside Tarantino to help bring it to life. A new report today claims that Tarantino’s Trek would boldly go where Star Trek movies have never gone before. Read More >>

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9 Things We Might See in Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie

In the middle of the night, news broke that Quentin Tarantino — yes that Quentin Tarantino — is involved with a new Star Trek movie after pitching an idea to JJ Abrams. It's not the first time we've heard about him being involved in the franchise, since over the years he has expressed interest in making one for himself - and that he'd take Star Trek over Star Wars any day. Read More >>

Quentin Tarantino Might Direct a Star Trek Movie

No, it’s not April Fools’ Day. Deadline is reporting that Quentin Tarantino — yes, that Quentin Tarantino — might direct a Star Trek movie. Read More >>

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Fan Trailer Dramatises the Oldest Sci-Fi Rivalry of Them All

Scrappy smugglers vs. Casanova captains. Warp drive vs. hyperdrive. Utopian exploration vs. high space opera. You know the one. Read More >>

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The Mid-Season Finale of Star Trek: Discovery Was a Great Climax to a Show We Never Got

The mid-season finale of Star Trek: Discovery, “Into the Forest I Go,” finally got this show to the place it should have been all season. Of course, in the process, it had to jettison a lot of character development it has been working on—but since it was mostly stuff that was bad, I’m perfectly happy letting them get away with it. This episode was the climax to a season that never existed, a season where the plot and characterisation was better. You can see that potential here. Read More >>

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I Want to Love Star Trek: Discovery But it’s an Absolute Mess

Star Trek has been part of my life since I was a baby. My Dad’s a Trekkie so I grew up watching it. My childhood cat was called Tribble, for crying out loud. I’m a Star Trek nerd. And, like all other Star Trek nerds, I was thrilled when a new series was FINALLY announced (I guess it took that long for the franchise to recover from Enterprise...). I want to love the show. I want it to bring Star Trek screaming into our morally complicated times, with a host of loveably odd characters and big damn heroes. Read More >>

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Star Trek: Discovery’s Biggest Problem Is That It’s a Prequel

“Lethe” was a character episode. It was fine. Well, it wasn’t. Every plot beat was fairly predictable, and the emotional resonance got about halfway there at best. At least I didn’t loathe it. I just found it tedious. And instead of thinking about Sarek and Burnham’s past and Lorca’s future, I kept wondering why this show even exists as a prequel. Read More >>