NASA Image of Merging Galactic Clusters Looks Suspiciously Like the USS Enterprise

Humanity’s current understanding of physics may suggest faster-than-light travel is impossible, but researchers here on Earth can still observe happening in places much too far away to ever actually visit (and generally in the distant past). One of them is a galactic collision that, at least from our planetary vantage point, looks an awful lot like a craft going where no man has ever gone before. Read More >>

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Sir Patrick Stewart Has Been an Important Presence in the Picard Show’s Writers Room

There are a lot of ways to get to know a character. You can study all their appearances, get really into the heads of the people who made them. Or, you can just be a brilliant actor who’s played that character for several years. That works, too. Read More >>

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Report: Michelle Yeoh Could Be Getting Her Own Star Trek Spinoff

Michelle Yeoh, as Captain Philippa Georgiou and then, later, as the evil Emperor Georgiou from the Mirror Universe, was one of the most captivating parts of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season. And we may be seeing a lot more of her. Read More >>

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Michael Chabon on Honouring Star Trek Canon and How Picard Is ‘The Hero We Need Right Now’

Executive producer Michael Chabon is helping bring back one of Star Trek’s greatest captains, with a new show centred around Captain Jean-Luc Picard (played once again by Patrick Stewart). Chabon and his other writers have a lot to live up to—not just with honouring Picard’s legacy, but also the decades of Star Trek canon that have shaped several shows and films. Based on a recent interview, his approach is pretty healthy: Follow the canon where you can, but find places to make it your own. Read More >>

The Best and Worst Afterlives in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The concept of a great beyond, whether heavenly or hellish, exists across so many fictional universes—be they part of belief systems or, more often than not in the realms of sci-fi and fantasy, actual planes of existence. We've gather up a few our of favourite afterlives. Read More >>

The Head Writer of Rick and Morty is Creating a New Animated Star Trek Series

CBS’s all-encompassing expansion of the Star Trek universe just got a weird new addition: an adult animated comedy from one of the minds behind Rick and Morty. Read More >>

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Michael Dorn is ‘Encouraged’ About the Chances of a Worf-Centric Star Trek Series

Years ago Michael Dorn, better known a Worf in various iterations of Star Trek, came up with the idea to give the angsty Klingon officer his own spin-off TV series. The idea was pitched to Star Trek's home network CBS, but nothing ever came of it - despite Dorn expressing his hopes that the series may someday get made. Given the revitalisation of the franchise that's currently ongoing, what does that mean for Worf? Read More >>

Star Trek Online’s Journey to Discovery Squanders Some of Its Great Potential

This week, for the first time in its history, Star Trek Online got the chance to launch content related to a concurrent Trek TV series with Age of Discovery, a mini-update that brings gamers into the time of Discovery. This first slice does a grand job of capturing Discovery’s look and it’s tone—but it also slips up in similar ways as the show did. Read More >>

Spock Is Here, and Bearded, in the New Star Trek: Discovery Trailer

This is not a drill folks. We’ve got Spock Beard. Read More >>

The Sound Engineer Behind Star Trek: The Motion Picture And Tron Has Passed Away

Frank Serafine, a respected sound engineer and composer with a wide-ranging career in film, has died at age 65. Read More >>

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The Star Trek Universe Uses a Surprising Amount of Paper

In our real-world cyberpunk dystopia, paper already feels a bit outmoded in a lot of life. It’s all screens, all the time. So it’s interesting to examine how sci-fi handles the classic writing surface. And in Star Trek, as it turns out, there’s a surprising amount of it. Read More >>

9 Movies With AI That Became Self-Aware and Made Humankind Very Sorry

Who could forget the events of 29 August 1997—when Skynet became self-aware and launched a whole mess of nukes, unleashing “Judgement Day?” Yesterday was a holiday for Terminator fans, and it’s also a great excuse to celebrate our favourite sci-fi movies that feature AI rebellions. Let’s bid a warm welcome to our new robot overlords. Read More >>

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Who Is the Most Powerful Supervillain? 

The supervillains who torment, thwart and otherwise mess with our universe’s well-meaning superheroes are, on the whole, a pretty foul bunch. But which of these supervillains is best at what they do? Put otherwise: if what supervillains do is try to inflict as much misery as possible on the largest number of people, which supervillain is most capable of pulling that off? Think of Darkseid, from DC Comics: instead of trying to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, he goes around trying to subject every single person in the universe to his screwed up will. Read More >>

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7 Star Trek Shows We’d Love to See

Star Trek: Discovery has been a huge success, which means that, after years of letting the TV side of the franchise lie low, suddenly network executives want more Star Trek. As in, “fetch me Sir Patrick Stewart, so help me god” and “let’s make CBS All Access basically Star Trek 24/7” levels of more Star Trek. Naturally, we have some suggestions! Read More >>