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Jason Isaacs Is Star Trek: Discovery’s New Captain—But Not Its Star

The U.S.S. Discovery has welcomed aboard its captain. CBS has just confirmed that Jason Isaacs will join its next Star Trek series as its captain—but don’t forget, for the first time in the TV series, the captain character is not the main star. Read More >>

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Deep Space Nine Documentary Says Screw It, We’ll Make Some HD Scenes Ourselves

CBS and Paramount might not think it’s worth their time to make an HD version of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but the folks behind the DS9 documentary are determined to present the show at its best. They’re working on getting the negatives for some of the show’s best scenes, so they can do the job themselves. Read More >>

The Best Part of Star Trek Beyond Is Coming to Comics This Week

There was a lot to like in Star Trek Beyond, but it’s pretty clear that its best new addition to the Trek movie universe was Sofia Boutella’s ass-kicking alien hero Jaylah. Her arrival in the Star Trek comics is good news—as is the fact you can get a first look at her origin story right here. Read More >>

This Might Be Our First Look at the Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery

A leaked photo that looks to be from the set of Star Trek: Discovery has given us our first peek at the new Klingons. And, yeah, there are some things we need to discuss. Read More >>

Deep Space 9 Fans Donate £120,000 to Documentary in Less Than a Day

Deep Space Nine’s fans have spoken, and they want a behind-the-scenes look at their beloved yet divisive Star Trek series. Less than a day after DS9's cast and crew announced a fundraising campaign to complete What We Left Behind, the documentary reached its goal of $150,000 (around £120,000) in funding... and that number’s still going up. Read More >>

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A New Deep Space Nine Documentary Reveals What Would Have Happened in Season Eight

Deep Space Nine has been both praised and derided as the “Black Sheep” of the Star Trek universe. Now, almost 25 years after the series debuted, some of the shows stars and writers are coming together to make a documentary all about where DS9 took us, as well as where it would’ve gone if it had another season. Read More >>

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A New Star Trek: Discovery Teaser Reveals Sets, Costumes, Ships and a Captain’s Chair

Well, this is exciting. The official Star Trek YouTube just posted an announcement that Star Trek: Discovery has begun production and the clip is loaded with teases of what the new show holds in store. Read More >>

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A Look Back at Star Trek: Nemesis, the Film That Killed a Franchise

This year happens to be the same year as that Star Trek: Nemesis’s 15th anniversary. So I decided to rewatch it to see if my memory of this film as a complete disaster was true. Read More >>

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Thank the Great Bird of the Galaxy, the Star Trek Fan Film Lawsuit Has Settled

The long and winding tale of CBS and Paramount versus Axanar has finally come to an end. Much later, I think, than anyone wanted. Read More >>

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Star Trek: Discovery Has Found Its Klingons

The latest instalment of the sci-fi franchise has added three new castmembers—all reportedly playing Klingons—to Star Trek: Discovery. This tells us that instead of the traditional rotating cast of Klingons, we’re going to have an ongoing focus on specific members of the Klingon Empire. Read More >>

Crashed Enterprise Is a Gingerbread Masterpiece

‘Tis the season to recreate classic pop-culture references using the age-old medium of gingerbread, frosting, and sweets, but Redditor ejustice has boldly gone where no gingerbread engineer has gone before. Read More >>

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The Best Christmas Gifts for Trekkies, Trekkers, and All Other Star Trek Fans

The third rebooted Star Trek film arrived in cinemas earlier this year, and there's a brand new TV series hitting Netflix in mid-2017. With that in mind, and with Christmas on the way, there is no better than than now to buy yourself a truck-load of Final Frontier-themed goodies. From Blu-ray and DVD boxsets to Batleths, lets take a look. Read More >>

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Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, and Michelle Yeoh Are Your First Star Trek: Discovery Cast Members

Although news of Yeoh’s casting first broke last week, CBS has now confirmed that she is among the first actors to join the next Star Trek TV show. Read More >>

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This Next Generation/First Contact Cover Is Metal As Hell

Star Trek: The Next Generation has the most memorable theme song in the entire Star Trek canon. That may very well be the hottest of takes, but I stand by it. I also stand by this metal cover, because it made my weekend epic. Read More >>