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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Won…a Grammy?

With credits that include Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Superman, Jaws, Jurassic Park, and Home Alone, everyone knows that composer John Williams can do it all. But whoever thought he could win a Grammy for a theme park? Read More >>

star wars
Rise of the Resistance is as Much a Star Wars Story as it is a Theme Park Ride

There’s no doubt that stepping into Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge feels like you’re stepping into the Star Wars universe. But up until now, that’s been a mostly passive experience. Starting yesterday, it’s anything but. Read More >>

The Pop Culture Highlights and Lowlights of 2019

It’s been a year seemingly full of bad news, bad takes, and bad feelings. But pop culture was still there for us – making us delight at unexpected joys like Baby Yoda, and allowing us to bond over horrors like Sonic the Hedgehog’s freakish teeth. Read on for our pop culture highlights (and lowlights) of 2019. Read More >>

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is Almost Too Alien for its Own Good

Disney’s Star Wars land is unlike anything else at its plethora of theme parks across the world. It doesn’t feel like you’re in a theme park, even as people queue across the courtyards of Batuu for a chance to get to fly the Millennium Falcon. But as fascinatingly unique as that is, it already feels like it’s going to become a bit of a headache for Disney. Read More >>

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Hey, Remember When Star Trek Did Galaxy’s Edge, 20 Years Before Star Wars?

Last week, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened in Walt Disney World, bringing an unprecedented theme park experience to the citizens of Orlando, Florida. Eat the food and drink of a galaxy far, far away! Hop aboard an iconic Star Wars ship! Live in a fantastical world, populated by people in character, an immersive experience! It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. Read More >>

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Check Out the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook Recipe for Rey’s Bread From The Force Awakens

Blue milk is obviously the superstar when you think of Star Wars food. But rising up the charts, literally, is the bread Rey makes in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Although that concoction, officially named Polystarch, is not available in the Black Spire Outpost (otherwise known as Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge), a new cookbook has the recipe—and this is the exclusive reveal. Read More >>

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge FOMO Has Turned Me Into a Monster, and I Hate It

Ever since it was announced, I managed to care very little for Disney’s reveal that Star Wars would be coming to its American theme parks in the form of a whole new land. “Sounds neat, but it’s on the other side of the planet, I’ll never go so why think about it?” I’d tell myself, a man who cares a lot about Star Wars but not a lot about theme parks. Oh, what a fool I was. Read More >>

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in California is Now Open to All

If you’re reading this, you can now go to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Read More >>

star wars galaxys edge
Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Gets Even More Intriguing Thanks to Mysterious Kyber Crystals

Kyber crystals don’t only make up the heart of a Jedi’s lightsaber, now they’re the focus of one of the best mysteries in Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Read More >>

This is How Earth Drinks Are Becoming Part of Star Wars Canon

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions coming to Disney’s theme parks are designed to look and feel as if you’ve stepped right into a world filled with all manner of alien creatures from far-off star systems and space wizards waving their laser swords about with reckless abandon. But part of Disney’s plan to make Galaxy’s Edge feel “real” involves a number products you’re probably familiar with. Read More >>