The New Battlefront II Trailer Connects a Whole Lot of Star Wars Lore

The last Battlefront game that EA put out didn’t have a single-player mode, which bummed out a lot of folks. Battlefront II looks to have a rather beefy one, which will be doing a lot of heavy lifting in terms of showing how the Empire changed after the second Death Star blew up. Read More >>

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The Best Reaction Video for The Last Jedi Trailer is Kylo Ren’s, Naturally

The new trailer for The Last Jedi is here, it’s “raw,” and Kylo Ren has some thoughts. Read More >>

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The Han Solo Movie is Bringing a Surprising Pair of Characters into the New Canon

When Disney wiped the Star Wars canon clean, they meant it, and since then old characters, ideas, and settings have been introduced only slowly. But a couple of tweets from yesterday suggest that the newest addition is, well, not one anybody suspected. Read More >>

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Porgs Are Lies: The Last Jedi’s Adorable New Characters Would Struggle To Actually Fly, According To Science

Move over Ewoks. Shut your big, stupid mouth Jar Jar - there’s a new mascot in town. As Star Wars Episode 8 hits cinemas this Christmas, expect to see your world increasingly overflowing with porgs. Read More >>

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Listen to Porgs Sing the Star Wars Theme and Never Complain About Jar Jar Ever Again

What’s a porg, you ask? Well, it’s not quite a pigeon, and it’s not quite a hog, so to answer your question, I have no idea. What I do know is that before you become completely sick of the tiny creatures you need to watch them sing the Star Wars theme, courtesy of some clever sound effects sampling. Read More >>

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Rian Johnson Talks the Role of the Porgs (and Their Non-Spoiler Origins) in The Last Jedi

Porgs. You haven’t even seen them in a movie yet but you probably already have a strong opinion on them. Such is the nature of fandom these days—especially in Star Wars, where there’s certainly some negative precedent of cute characters impacting the movies. Read More >>

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Lenovo’s Star Wars AR Headset is Available to Pre-Order in the UAE

One of the biggest surprise reveals of IFA 2017 (for me at least) was Lenovo's Star Wars-themes AR headset, which lets you fight a real life lightsbaer battle against Kylo Ren. It took some getting used to, but for the most part I found it to be an enjoyable experience. Well now that headset is available to pre-order... In the United Arab Emirates. Read More >>

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Samsung’s Releasing Star Wars-Brand Robot Vacuums, But These Aren’t The Droid (Designs) You’re Looking For

Star Wars is a franchise well known for its merchandising, and licensing out the brand to companies wanting to capitalise on it. Now Samsung is getting involved with a brand new range of (two) Star Wars themed robot vacuum cleaners - modelled after Darth Vader and a First Order Stormtrooper. Read More >>

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Twitter Users Have Feelings About the Porgs From The Last Jedi

The new trailer for The Last Jedi dropped last night. And it’s all some Star Wars nerds are talking about. But it’s clear that one character stole the show. That’s right. It’s porg time, baby. Read More >>

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The Latest Poster for The Last Jedi Puts General Leia Front and Centre

Alongside the second trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the new poster has also been revealed. Read More >>

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Everything We Spotted in the Latest Trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The second trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is here, and it's a doozy. We've got just over two minutes of new footage to dissect, so let's get down to it. Read More >>

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The Second Trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Finally Here

Breathe. Just... breathe. The second trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally here. Read More >>

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Here Are 30 Seconds of The Last Jedi To Hold You Over Until Tomorrow Morning’s Trailer

The final marketing blitz for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which I sincerely hope is just 160 minutes of training sequences, is about to begin. In the meantime, we’ve got a couple tantalising teasers to whet our space appetites. Read More >>

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While Waiting for The Last Jedi, Revisit the Best Non-Empire Training Sequence in Star Wars

We’ve got two months, and the wait from now until the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be nothing but anxious anticipation. While we’re waiting for Rey to receive her Force training, it’s a good time to revisit one of the best training sequences in the franchise. Read More >>