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Star Wars Writer Chuck Wendig Claims Marvel Fired Him For ‘Vulgarity’ And ‘Too Much Politics’ on His Social Media

At New York Comic Con last weekend, Marvel Comics officially announced Shadow of Vader, a five-part Star Wars miniseries written by Star Wars: Aftermath book trilogy scribe Chuck Wendig. Except, the last two issues will no longer be penned by Wendig, as the author has just revealed Marvel has fired him. Read More >>

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Please Let Star Wars Resistance Tell Its Own Story

Even though we’re two-thirds of the way into the latest Star Wars trilogy, there are still tons of questions about what happened before those films – about the First Order, Supreme Leader Snoke, the Knights of Ren, and so much more. And, with any luck, Star Wars Resistance won’t answer any of them. Read More >>

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How Star Wars Resistance Is Using Its New Time Period to Its Advantage 

A huge chunk of unknown Star Wars lore is about to be explored, and executive producer Justin Ridge can’t wait to be a part of it. Ridge is one of three executive producers on Star Wars Resistance and we had a chance to speak to him about this new Star Wars animated series coming to Disney XD UK. Read More >>

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The First Episodes of Star Wars Resistance Establish a Very Unique and Intriguing Voice

Another chapter in the Star Wars universe has begun with the premiere of Star Wars Resistance. The show starts six months before events of The Force Awakens and follows a young, hotshot pilot named Kaz Xiono who is recruited by Poe Dameron to help the Resistance. Read More >>

Study on The Last Jedi’s Twitter Haters Finds That Yup, Many Were Bots or Bad-Faith Political Trolls

For months before and after the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi — a widely critically acclaimed movie and box office titan — what appeared to have been a small number of fans made it known they were rabid haters of the movie’s twist on the franchise’s formula. They were mad about everything, from plot holes and director Rian Johnson’s supposed disdain for the fandom to its focus on inclusivity, and they tried their best to make it all about them and how angry they were. Well, just as you might have thought, it turns out one force driving that backlash forward may have been disingenuous manipulation of social media sites like Twitter to promote political propaganda. Read More >>

Fresh to Death Luke Skywalker is Finally Tactile

I still get goosebumps when I think about it: the first time a fresh-from-the-barber Luke Skywalker showed up on Crait to save the Resistance in The Last Jedi. He looked great and he was ready to fight—and, of course, we eventually find out it’s all an illusion. Read More >>

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Your First Look at The Mandalorian is Here, Plus a List of Episode Directors

And there it is: Our first look at the star of the upcoming live-action Star Wars TV show, The Mandalorian. Read More >>

Darth Vader’s Castle is the Latest Star Wars Location to Get the Lego Treatment

There is a lot of Lego out there in the world, and if the state of my flat is anything to go by there's far too much of it. But the company isn't going to slow down anytime soon, and last night a brand new Star Wars set was announced. It's Darth Vader's castle, as seen in Rogue One. Read More >>

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The Live-Action Star Wars TV Programme is Called The Mandalorian

Jon Favreau took to his Instagram Wednesday night to reveal the name and plot synopsis of the first live-action Star Wars TV show coming to Disney’s untitled streaming service. Read More >>

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David Cronenberg Explains Why He Didn’t Direct Return of the Jedi

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi was famously shopped around to some well-respected directors before landing in Richard Marquand’s hands. One of those was David Cronenberg, and recently he shed some more light on why, precisely, he didn’t get the job. Read More >>

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The New Star Wars Resistance Trailer Is Jam-Packed With Incredible Spaceship Action

Our first look at Star Wars Resistance set up the basic premise of a Resistance spy operating out of an island that’s home base to a team of hotshot racers. But this new look at the Lucasfilm animated series gives us a much better idea of the bigger picture around Kazuda Xiono’s new mission – and the brewing war set to come between the Resistance and the First Order. Read More >>

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Darth Vader Invites You to His Castle in the First Trailer for His New VR Series

A few years ago, the team at ILMxLAB teased that it was bringing the Dark Lord of the Sith to virtual reality. Now, we’ve got our first look at it in action, and well, it’s more like Vader is bringing you to him. Read More >>

The Deleted Scenes of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Ranked

The Blu-ray release of Solo: A Star Wars Story may not have an alternate cut of Ron Howard’s film, but it does include eight deleted scenes that run about 15 minutes total, and most of them are really quite good. Read More >>

LEGO Betrayal at Cloud City is a Lovely Star Wars Playset Let Down by the Hefty Price Tag

In addition to being an updated version of 2003’s Cloud City set (10123), Betrayal at Cloud City is also the first in LEGO Star Wars’ ‘Master Builder’ series. These seem to be sets that come with the same level of detail (and pricing) as the Ultimate Collector’s Series, but with more of a focus on playing than display. Here’s the full statement: Read More >>