Starbucks: Sorry, Your Bitcoin Is Still No Good Here

Starbucks wants to be crystal clear: Despite recent stories about their involvement in some sort of blockchain project, they are not going to be accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for coffee. Read More >>

Starbucks is the First Coffee Chain to Launch a 5p Latte Levy in the UK

Back in January MPs proposed a 5p charge on people buying coffee and other hot drinks in the takeaway 'paper' cups that are actually made of a hard-to-recycle blend of plastic and paper, something Starbucks promptly decided to trial in some of its London branches. While some ministers were sceptical of this 'latte levy', the coffee chain has now announced it's expanded that charge to another 950 branches across the UK. Read More >>

Starbucks Must Tell Customers Its Coffee Contains a Cancer-Causing Ingredient, But Don’t Panic

Earlier today, a California Superior Court judge issued a ruling that’s bound to stress out lots of java drinkers—even if it probably shouldn’t. Companies like Starbucks will have to tell customers that their coffee can potentially cause cancer. Read More >>

Work in the Emergency Services? Starbucks Will Give You 10% Off

Buying coffee from a chain isn't the cheapest thing in the world, but it is pretty convenient seeing as how they're basically everywhere. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to grab a discount, and if you work in the emergency services you're going to be able to get 10% off your future Starbucks purchases. Read More >>

Some London Starbucks Will be Charging an Extra 5p for Disposable Cups

Last week we heard news that a committee of MPs want the government to implement a 'latte levy', and charge consumers an extra 25p for using disposable coffee cups that are a pain to recycle. Now Starbucks has announced that it will be doing something similar in 20-25 of its London branches. Read More >>

From Porn Sites to Starbucks Wi-Fi, CPUs Are Getting Hijacked to Mine Cryptocoins

It’s one thing to wake up and discover that you missed the boat on a cryptocurrency boom that’s making a handful of people very wealthy. It’s another thing to find out that your computer is making someone else rich while it gives you poor performance and jacks up your electricity bill. With the spread of cryptojacking, that infuriating scenario is happening to more people. Read More >>

Build This Lego Coffee Maker and Never Leave Your Desk

Vending machines are usually terrible at making coffee, but the Lego savants over on the AstonishingStudios YouTube channel have built a vending machine from plastic bricks that serves up a hot cup of liquid energy using Starbucks’s powdered coffee packets. Read More >>

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‘Extremely Dangerous’ Tornado Flattens Starbucks in Terrifying Bystander Video

On Wednesday, a tornado described by the US National Weather Service as “large and extremely dangerous” tore through central Indiana, overturning cars and levelling a Starbucks, reports. Miraculously, no injuries have been reported. Read More >>

Android and iOS Users Can Smugly Skip Starbucks Queues

If you have an over-inflated sense of self-importance, rendering you incapable of waiting a couple of minutes to get your mouthpiece around the cup of coffee you could have probably just made yourself, download the Starbucks app and fire up Mobile Order & Pay. It lets you pre-order your coffee (and snacks, if you’re really pushing the boat out) through your phone or tablet, and collect it from your nearest outlet without forcing you to mix with nasty common folk. The service is only available on iOS and Android, giving Windows Phone users yet another reason to question their choices. Or not. [Pocket-Lint] Read More >>

Naughty Fiat and Starbucks Found Guilty of Illegally Dodging Taxes

These days, we increasingly seem to find ourselves fruitlessly complaining about multinationals getting away with paying low taxes on huge earnings, due to sneaky loopholes in the system. Today's the day us little guys been waiting for. Not one, but two companies have been slapped with the naughty stick. Read More >>

You Can Now Pre-Order a Coffee With the Starbucks App

Need your morning caffeine fix, but can't face the queues? The UK Starbucks app now lets you pre-order your brew, ready to take away upon arrival. Read More >>

What’s Your Starbucks Name? This Generator Will Tell You

We all know that Starbucks staff have a tendency to get everyone's name spectacularly wrong. So much so that we're all pretty sure they're deliberately trolling us. If you ever wondered what your Starbucks name might be (nobody has ever got 'Tom' wrong so far), there's a generator that will tell you. Just enter your name to find out. Read More >>

Apple Pay on the Way as Starbucks Adds iPayments to UK App

Apple's currently US-trialling contactless payment system Apple Pay could be moseying on over to the UK imminently, if the latest Starbucks app update is anything to go by. Read More >>

Starbucks is Testing a Guinness-Like Creamy Dark Coffee

Visitors to some Starbucks human fuelling stations in the US are seeing a new form of coffee being tested, with the company's Dark Barrel Latte apparently offering a taste similar to that found in the stouter types of beer. Read More >>