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Windows 8.1 Start Button Also Lets Power Users Shut it Down

The all-new (cough) Windows 8.1 and its glorious return of the start button to Windows design canon is set to be even more exciting than previously thought, with early users of the 8.1 Preview code reporting it also comes with the usual hardcore right-click options for quick access to more features. Read More >>

Leaked Windows 8.1 Screenshot: Oh, Hello, Start Button

Remember those rumours about the Start Button making its triumphant return in Windows 8.1? Well, seeing is believing, and thanks to Paul Thurrott, we've got a sneak peak at that little guy in all its glory. We missed you. Read More >>

The Start Button Is Coming Back to Windows

If you've been pining for the Start button since Windows 8 arrived on the scene, perhaps some good news: sources who've spoken to the Verge claim that it will reappear in Windows 8.1. Read More >>

windows 8
Why Microsoft Scrapped the Start Button

When it came to light that Microsoft was planning to remove the Start button from Windows for good, many ardent fans of its functionality were unhappy. Now, Microsoft has explained why it made the choice to ditch the button, which has graced PC desktops for over 17 years. Read More >>

Windows 8 Might Scrap the Start Button For Good

Even if you don't use Windows often, you probably know to head for the Start button to get things rolling. Not any more, though, because Microsoft might be planning to dump the button in the next Windows release. Read More >>