China May Be Concealing Organ Harvesting Through Fake Donation Data, Scientists Report

China has been using an equation to produce fake organ donation data, according to researchers who used a forensic technique that sniffs out suspicious patterns in statistical datasets. Read More >>

The British Prefer to Put Milk in Tea Last. You Know, the Proper Way

Tea is one of those things that's quintessentially associated with Britain and the British, even though it comes from India, China, and other far away parts of the world. It's the ultimate act of cultural appropriation, really, but it's been around for so long that nobody seems to care anymore. YouGov being YouGov has finally got round to asking people how they take it, and it turns out there's an obvious solution to the conundrum of when the milk should go in. Read More >>

Who Wants to Live Forever? Only One in Six Brits, According to a New Poll

One of the things people tend to worry about in life is the fact that it will come to an end. Even if you avoid being hit by a bus, or mauled by a pack of angry football fans, you're going to die eventually. As it turns out not that many British people would change that if they could, with only around one in six admitting they'd want to live forever if the ageing process could be halted. Read More >>

Controversial Study Suggests There’s No Limit to Human Ageing

The older we get, the greater our likelihood of dying. Or at least that’s what we thought. New research suggests mortality rates level off after we turn 105, and that no upper limit exists for the human lifespan. It’s an extraordinary conclusion — one that’s not going over very well with other ageing researchers. Read More >>

Two-Thirds of All Cancer Mutations Are ‘Unavoidable,’ Scientists Claim

In a study that’s bound to attract considerable controversy, a pair of researchers are claiming that between 60 and 66 per cent of all cancer-causing mutations are the result of random DNA copying errors, making them essentially unavoidable. The new research is offering important insights into how cancer emerges, and how it should be diagnosed and treated—but many questions remain. Read More >>

This is What UK Wankers Searched for on Pornhub in 2015

Pornhub, a site more important to many of us than Google and Facebook, has bashed out a highly-detailed report of what its users searched for over the course of last year. The stats make for fascinating, if slightly cringey, reading, and show that the rest of the world is just as dirty-minded as you are. Read More >>

Experts Argue That Cancer Screening Doesn’t Save Lives

We live in a society that trumpets the benefits of early cancer detection and campaigns to get people tested. If a new analysis is correct, that could change completely. What if cancer screening became largely a thing of the past, because we’ve learned it doesn’t reduce the number of deaths? Read More >>

Spotify’s ‘Year in Music’ Feature Lets Everyone Know You Secretly Love Ed Sheeran Like All the Rest

The annual December flurry of ‘year in review’ fluff is underway. Fancy taking a reluctant look at how your tastes changed over the course of 12 months, marvelling at length at how cool you are and sharing a bunch of stats that nobody else gives a toss about? Course you do. Read More >>

The Daily Routine of Famous People, Visualised

Blue is sleeping, red is their creative work, green is their actual day job (if they have it), yellow is food/leisure time and blue is exercise. By comparing all these successful famous creative people's daily schedules, I have figured out how to become one of them: sleep early and quit your day job. Read More >>

Super-Scientific Research Says Brits Like Boobs Over Bums

Pornhub's always wonderful statistical analysis crack team looked at their glorious search data to answer one of life's greatest questions: are you a boobs or a bum person. After finding out which US states and which countries like which part, they mapped it all out for the world to see. Britain is a boob country. Read More >>