The UK’s Most Interesting Statistic of 2017 is Lovably Dull

The Royal Statistical Society has, somehow, decided on the most interesting stats shared by people during 2017. The American winner was Something That Makes You Think as popularised by a Kardashian, a fact that highlighted how more Americans are killed in lawnmower accidents than slaughtered by terrorists. Read More >>

London’s Night Tube Helps and Hinders Uber

That taxi company that sort of is but also sort of isn't has released some interesting data about its journeys within London, as the eventual launch of the all-night weekend Underground service impacts upon its operations. Read More >>

Redheads Get Porn Fans Off the Quickest, Say Browser Stats

Online gentleman's retreat Pornhub has collated a new mountain of stats for us to look at as if enjoying porn is a normal hobby that sits alongside cabinet making, golf and gardening, revealing that it's the people who search for redhead action that appear to get the job done the quickest. Read More >>

Game of Thrones is Luring People Away From Porn but Inspiring Weird Parodies Too

The publicity-generating geniuses behind porn portal Pornhub have latched onto Game of Thrones as the thing everyone's talking about, today suggesting that traffic to the porn site is dropping -- because the world pauses to watch the new episodes of the fantasy romp. Read More >>

Half of Everyone Switched on Apple Things for Christmas

Smug teens activating expensive Apple devices are still the cover image of the modern Christmas, with very nearly half of all new device activations tracked on Christmas day made up of Apple-badged phones and tablets. Read More >>

Eco Statisticians Say 200 People Might Die Young Due to VW Car Cheats

Number crunchers extrapolating the damage caused to the world by Volkswagen cheating on its emission exams claim some unlucky US people might end their days a bit too soon as a result, calculating that between 60 and 200 early deaths may be caused by the extra pollution spewed into the airspace. Read More >>

Your Dad’s Not the Only One Still Using Windows XP

Windows XP is still going strong, despite Microsoft's repeated attempts to get the world to upgrade to something a bit more modern. Stats show it's currently powering nearly 17 per cent of all Windows desktops, making it the second most popular form of desktop software out there in 2015. Read More >>

Which Countries Last the Longest Watching Porn (Damn, China!)

While barriers both geographical and linguistic separate us from our international brethren, there is one unifying language that needs no translation—that of porn. So in the spirit of healthy competition and exploration, the Pornhub stats team just released an interactive map to answer an age old question: Which states, cities, and countries keep it up the longest? Read More >>

Men Talking About Football Dominated Twitter in 2014 #Banter #Lads

Sport has once again dominated a tech thing, with Twitter's 2014 stats revealing that the World Cup, and Germany's momentous shaming of Brazil in particular, was the year's most tweeted about thing. Read More >>

Twitter Finally Lets You See Just How Few People are Faving Your Tweets

After quietly testing out its handy new analytics dashboard just over a month ago, Twitter is officially opening the service up to the rest of the world. And the results can be—er, kinda depressing. Read More >>

Tech-Obsessed Singaporeans Bought “Nearly 1,400” Smartwatches in Two Months

Stats that count smartwatch sales in the tech haven of Singapore appear to show the smartwatch is a rather large flop in the country, with numbers from analyst GfK suggesting an embarrassing total of "nearly 1,400" smartwatches were shifted there in the first two months of 2014. Read More >>

The 100 Richest Brits Together Have as Much Money as the Poorest 30 Per Cent of the Entire Country

Those lucky old rich people are continuing to get richer, with research suggesting the top 100 individual British moneybags grew their cash pots by a staggering £25bn last year. The 100 richest Brits have a combined total bank balance of £257bn, more than the estimated £255bn held in savings by the poorest 30 per cent of the UK population. Read More >>

Android Wins 2013 With 68 Per Cent of European Smartphone Market

Analyst Kantar Worldpanel has done the maths for the smartphone sector over the last quarter of 2013, painting a rather rosy picture for Android. It topped the EU market share data with 68.6 per cent of sales during the final 12 weeks of 2013, while Windows Phone held its new third place slot with 10.3 per cent of European sales. Read More >>

Two Million UK Porkers May Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery

We're such a nation of fatties that researchers believe around two million UK citizens are obese enough to qualify for some sort of weight loss surgery, with staff at Imperial College London claiming 5 per cent of adults are flabby enough to get it on the NHS. Read More >>