Stunning 10-Foot Statue of Roman Emperor Found Under Ancient Fountain in Turkey

Archaeologists working in the ancient Turkish city of Laodicea have discovered a monumental statue of Trajan, a famed Roman emperor who led the empire to its greatest geographical extent. Read More >>

Plymouth Immortalises Unknown Actress in 7 Metre Tall Statue

A 9.5 tonne bronze statue is arriving in Plymouth by boat, as it's too big to get in by road. It is not of a famous local, and has instead been designed to represent the entire genre of all that is women, as women have traditionally been underrepresented in the worlds of casts and having statues made about them. Read More >>

Easter Island Mayor Says “Keep the Statue” as Locals Won’t Look After it Properly

The mayor of Easter Island has decided it might be best if the request to have an old stature returned is rejected by the British Museum, as the country is in fact littered with such things and the museum might do a better job of preserving it for future generations. Read More >>

Easter Islanders Arrive in London With Massive Empty Suitcase

A lovely present brought home from Easter Island for Queen Victoria in 1868 is facing calls for it to be returned to where it was, er, liberated from, as pressure is growing on the British Museum to give back one of the more modestly proportioned Easter Island figures that it currently has on display. Read More >>

There’s a Place That Actually Wants a Margaret Thatcher Statue

The Margaret Thatcher statue that wasn't allowed to be displayed in London because her family and several millions of other people thought it would be a bad idea, may soon have somewhere to be dumped. In Grantham, her home town. Read More >>

Ingenious Technique Explains How Easter Island Statues May Have Gotten Their Giant Hats

Some of Easter Island’s moai statues are adorned with large red hats, the heaviest of which weigh as much as 13 tonnes. Archaeologists have struggled to understand how these hats were positioned atop the iconic heads, but a new explanation may finally hold the answer—and it’s surprisingly simple. Read More >>

Enthusiasts Want to Build a Full Size Lancaster Bomber to Deliver a Poppy Payload

A group of people with an interest in military hardware and remembering things would like to build a statue for other people to notice from their cars, with the Bomber Gateway Trust seeking permission from the council to build what they hope might be a new national symbol similar to the slightly more artistic Angel of The North. Read More >>

Aylesbury Gets its Interactive David Bowie Statue

A wildly successful crowdfunding campaign to install a statue of David Bowie in Aylesbury has finally come to its conclusion, with a selection of 1980s stars revealing the bronze image of the rock god this weekend. Read More >>

London Says No to Public Thatcher Statue

People on a night out in London looking for something to vandalise are not going to get what they want, as Westminster Council has denied planning permission for a statue of Margaret Thatcher. Read More >>

Magnificent Sandstone Statue Uncovered Near Legendary Cambodian Temple

Describing it as something that only happens in the movies, a team of Cambodian archaeologists have uncovered an 800-year-old sandstone statue weighing 440 pounds. Experts say it’s the most significant statue to be discovered in the famous archaeological site of Angkor Park in years. Read More >>

Terry Pratchett Gets the Bronze God Treatment

This mighty metal warlord is a cracking likeness of author Sir Terry Pratchett, one that'll eventually be stuck atop a statue of the man that's planned for his home town of Salisbury in Wiltshire. Read More >>

This Statue for a Chinese Warrior Is Probably the Most Badass Statue Ever Made

Damn. That’s a good statue. This 158-foot-tall bronze figure depicts Guan Yu, an ancient Chinese general, and majestically towers over Jingzhou, China. Shanghaiist says that over 4,000 strips of bronze have been stuck onto the body of Guan Yu and he stands atop the 86,000 square foot Guan Yu museum. All that is great but damn, I just can’t get over how fantastic the statue looks. Read More >>

This £3,000 Brass Batman Statue is Probably Too Much For Your Desk

If contributing funds to pay for a village hall in Gotham isn't Batman enough for you, here's something that's even more Batman. It's literally Batman, an actual Batman, made from brass and yours for just $5,000 (£3,300). Plus several extra thousand pounds in postage, or a seat of its own next to you on the flight home. Read More >>

Statue of Leader From Communist Empire Transformed Into Leader of Actual Empire

It’s always the most embarrassing part of a fallen regime. All those statues, no longer relevant. Usually they come down, hence the severed head of Vladimir Lenin recently unearthed in Berlin. But what to do with all those Lenins still standing? Turn them into the likeness of a more benevolent leader, of course. Read More >>

ISIS Declares New War on Inanimate Historical Objects

Islamic State fighters have been having a right old laugh smashing up some old statues, taking sledgehammers to the historic relics from the ancient Assyrian cities of the region -- now they're attacking the ruins of an entire city. Read More >>