Valve: Your Bitcoin Isn’t Any Good on Steam Anymore

Valve’s Steam, the digital distribution platform which enjoys near-monopolistic control of the entire PC gaming industry, has stopped accepting bitcoins as a form of payment due to the currency’s volatility and increasingly unacceptable processing fees. Read More >>

Valve’s Steam Link is on Sale for a Ridiculously Low Price

Do you remember Valve's Steam Link? It's a little box you plug into your TV, letting you stream your PC games to the big screen in 1080p 60FPS with zero lag. Or at least it will in an ideal situation. Well if you don't have one you might want to take advantage of the fact Valve put it on sale. Read More >>

It’s Steam Sale Day: How To Get A Good Deal And Maximise Your Savings

We all know it, Steam Sales are the way games publishers persuade us to buy games we don't need and may never play. But they're sooooooo cheap we can't resist stocking our libraries "for when we're bored". But there are worse things to spend your money on. Read More >>

Smoking Nottingham Building is Art, Not on Fire

Italian artist Lara Favaretto had an idea for something to do and call art. She's enjoying a run of her latest project at the Nottingham Contemporary Arts Centre, in which steam is pumped out into the surrounding streets. This probably says something important about life, feminism, war, genital mutilation, Donald Trump and veganism, but to passersby it also says SHIT THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE, so people are calling the fire brigade on some art. Read More >>

We Have a Scheduled Passenger Steam Train Running Again

A steam train of the actual old fire/smoke kind is running a scheduled service in the UK again this week, as enthusiasts have managed to get the restored engine Tornado operating daily runs between the northern powerhouses of Appleby and Skipton on the Settle to Carlisle stretch of line. Read More >>

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PS VR: Which VR Headset Should You Buy?

The three big names in VR are currently out in the world, taking up space in warehouses and on shop shelves. All of them hoping to be purchased for a happy life of gaming, because gadgets definitely have feelings. While premium VR gaming doesn't have quite as much choice as, say, premium PC gaming, you still have to decide which headset is right for you. Read More >>

Remember Playing ‘The Floor Is Hot Lava’ as a Kid? It’s Now a Video Game

When there’s nothing on TV, and it’s raining outside, and you’re bored of your toys, every kid always has one reliable way to entertain themselves: pretend the floor is lava and do anything you can to cross a room without stepping on it. It used to require a healthy imagination, until someone turned the idea into a video game. Read More >>

Facebook Plans to be the Next Steam for PC Gaming

Remember when everyone and their dog got hooked on playing Farmville for about five minutes then sauntered off to play some proper games? Facebook certainly does, as it's announced sizable plans to move into PC game distribution, with a deal with game engine Unity that will see it competing closely with gaming giant Steam. Read More >>

These are the Average Gaming PC Hardware Specs (and VR Barely Registers)

PC gaming is usually defined by its ability to chase the most intense hardware capabilities, from multi-monitor super high-resolution gaming through to the most immersive of virtual reality experiences. So it may come as something of a surprise to see that a survey of Steam users – the premier PC gaming platform – reveals the average specs of most PC gamers to be so, well, average. Read More >>

The Best Ways to Play PC Games in Your Living Room

We’re slap bang in the middle of the 2016 Steam Summer Sale, and if your wallet isn’t hurting from shelling out for all those super-cheap PC gaming deals, your back probably will be for being hunched over your desk playing them. For, while the console has ruled the living room for decades, PC gaming is most often relegated to a spare room, bedroom or study. Read More >>

Steam Summer Sale 2016 Looks Set for a June 23rd Kick-Off

Oh Steam, I just can't quit you. The sun may be shining, my wallet may be lighter than I'd care to admit, but the latest whispers of the launch date for the Steam Summer sale already have be drawing the blackout curtains and juggling next month's bills. Read More >>

You Can Now Stream Shitty Non-Gaming Films on Steam

Valve's PC gaming platform Steam now lets its users stream rentals of non-gaming films. But you'll never want to, as all the films headed to the gaming service are utter, utter shite. Read More >>

Valve Baffles the Steam Hardcore With Apparently Free Credit

Some Steam account holders found their account wallets literally bulging at the seams thanks to a $5 or so credit yesterday, a lump-sum windfall that no one seemed to know or understand the reason behind. Read More >>

SEGA Finally Takes Emulation Legit With Classics Steam Game Hub on PC

SEGA is about to make PC emulation of its classic back catalogue of Mega Drive games official for the first time, via the SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub -- a SEGA-backed emulation package to be released and maintained through the Steam PC network. Read More >>

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Team Fortress 2 Recreated With Nerf Guns Looks Like Too Much Fun

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