Steam Machines are Back

When I heard Valve wanted to take over the living room, I didn't believe it. When the rumours came true, I didn't think it could be done. When Valve failed to deliver Steam Machines last autumn, I felt vindicated. Now, a year later, it's happening. I've tried them. I'm about to eat my words. Read More >>

Valve Kicks Steam Machine Hardware Back to 2015

Valve's PC-hardware-in-the-lounge dream has been delayed, with the famed Half-Life developer pushing back the launch of its official Steam Machine boxes and that odd controller until 2015. Read More >>

Valve’s Redesigned Steam Controller Looks a Little Less Bizarre

Back at Steam Dev Days, Valve announced it was giving up on the touchpad dreams for its Steam Controller. Now, we've got a render that shows exactly what the new older-school design will look like. Which is to say, just a liiittle less alien. [Engadget] Read More >>

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How to Install SteamOS

Valve recently released its Beta version of SteamOS, based on the Debian distro of Linux. Naturally, we were intrigued by its release and wanted to take the new OS for a test run. We've put together a guide on how to install the operating system. Read More >>

PiixL Jetpack is a Souped-Up SteamOS Gaming PC That’s Wall Mountable

Valve's Steam Box blueprint paves the way for making a living room gaming PC a mainstream addition to your AV cabinet, but what if you're one of the flatscreen wall-mounting types that freaks out at the sight of black boxes underneath your telly? Enter the PiixL Jetpack. Read More >>

Report: Valve’s Steam Machines Will Be Powered By AMD Too

Earlier this month, Valve released specs of its prototype Steam Box units and holy hell they were impressive. The eagle-eyed would have noticed that it was a purely Intel party—turns out it won't be that way for long. Read More >>

Valve’s Top Steam Machine Prototypes Have Absurd Specs

Here are the specs for the prototype Steam Box units that Valve will be sending out. Rather than just sending a single design to the lucky beta testers, they'll be sending out a variety of units. And holy crap, the top-of-the-line will be spec'd to high heaven. Read More >>

Steam’s Got Its Own Operating System Now (Updating)

After a forever-long countdown to a three-tiered announcement, Valve has rolled out phase one of its plan to take over your living room: SteamOS. Read More >>