This Steampunk Jetpack Looks Convincing Enough To Work

While work continues on real jetpacks, a world of artistic possibilities remains open to talented tinkerers. Take Patrick Laschette, who managed to take a bunch of disparate parts and combine them into this sweet-looking steampunk jetpack. Read More >>

Tom Ford Made a Steampunk Apple Pocket Watch

You gotta hand it to designer Tom Ford. He’s a real innovator when it comes to smartwatch hacks. He’s taken away the most annoying parts of the Apple Watch — like having to wear it on your wrist all the time — and turned it into a cute little phone you can simply tuck into your vest pocket. Genius! Read More >>

Hey, Did You Know Bob Dylan is a Steampunk Metalworker?

Me, neither! But Mood Swings, a new exhibition at London’s Halcyon Gallery, will be showing off a series of large-scale metalworks—seven gates made from vintage iron scraps, hand-welded by the man himself. Read More >>

This Awesome Steampunk Portal Gun Makes Me Crave For a 19th Century Portal Game

We've seen what the portal gun looks like in pixel-perfect replicas, but what would happen if you dumped it back in time? This gorgeous steampunk version, built out of the odds and ends of old dead things, is about as close as you'll get to finding out. Read More >>

Seventy-Five-Year-Old Chair Is Turned Into Steampunk Nerf Gun

Etsy seller faustus70 had a Nerf N-Strike Barricade gun, an old chair and some aluminum lying around. But he didn't take this stuff to the dump like most people, he used it to build a "Big Daddy" style steampunk gun. Read More >>