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Stephen Hawking’s Graphic Novel Biography Shows How He Saw the World – and the Universe

If all you know about Stephen Hawking is that he was on The Simpsons and other TV shows, then a new graphic novel coming next year will be the perfect way to improve what you know about one of history’s greatest theoretical physicists. Read More >>

Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper Published

Stephen Hawking may have passed away in March, but his final work has now been published in a scientific journal. Read More >>

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Benedict Cumberbatch Shared His Star Trek Secrets With Stephen Hawking

When Benedict Cumberbatch appeared as the antagonist of Star Trek Into Darkness, the identity of the character he was playing was kept very secret, to the point that JJ Abrams straight-up lied about it. But apparently Cumberbatch spilled the beans to one special person. Read More >>

stephen hawking
What You Need to Know About Stephen Hawking’s Final Physics Paper

Less than two weeks before his death on March 14, beloved cosmologist Stephen Hawking put the final touches on a research paper about the origin and nature of the Universe. Some media outlets have been pouring praise onto the paper, saying it could be the most important thing he ever did. On closer inspection, however, the new study isn’t likely to shatter our conceptions of the cosmos—at least not yet. Read More >>

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Stephen Hawking Was Right to Worry About Our Impending Doom

Physicist Stephen Hawking died yesterday at the age of 76. In the latter stages of his illustrious career, Hawking devoted a considerable amount of time and effort to issuing warnings of future threats—from the perils of climate change and nuclear war through to artificial superintelligence and alien invasions. And for this he was often ridiculed. But here’s the thing: Hawking was right—and it would be incumbent upon all of us to heed his advice. Read More >>

Physicists React to Stephen Hawking’s Passing

Stephen Hawking passed away yesterday in his home at age 76. Hawking popularised the deepest questions of the universe and became a pop culture icon thanks to his writing and work. His personality and ideas had a profound impact on scientists and science fans alike. Read More >>

Viral Photo of Stephen Hawking at a Vietnam War Protest Is a Lie

Have you seen this photo of Stephen Hawking protesting the Vietnam War in 1968? It’s a powerful image, but it’s not actually Hawking. Gizmodo has confirmed with the National Portrait Gallery in London that it doesn’t actually know who the bespectacled man with canes might be. Read More >>

A Brief History of Stephen Hawking Dishing Out Downers

Today we woke up to the sad news that physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. While Hawking was famous for a lot of stuff, one thing he often did was raise the alarm on the apocalypse. Believing that a self-inflicted disaster was a "near certainty", he was no stranger to dishing downers. Here are just some of the times that Hawking said the end is nigh. Read More >>

Remembering Stephen Hawking’s Many Contributions to Pop Culture

Early on this morning it was announced that Stephen Hawking, world-famous physicist and Simpsons guest star had died at the age of 76. Hawking had suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) for decades, having been first diagnosed at the age of 21 and being initially given two years to live. Read More >>

Physicist Stephen Hawking Has Died at the Age of 76

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has “died peacefully at his home in Cambridge” at the age of 76, a spokesperson for the Hawking family announced early Wednesday morning local time. Read More >>

Woman Arrested for Plot to Kill Stephen Hawking

An American woman was arrested this week for flooding Stephen Hawking’s email with death threats, then stalking him at an astronomy festival in the Canary Islands. Read More >>

Noted Genius Stephen Hawking Blasts Donald Trump on Daytime TV

Stephen Hawking is almost universally revered for his intelligence. Donald Trump is revered for certain other attributes. Hawking, however, appears to be impressed neither with Trump’s hands nor his hair, and instead thinks he’s pretty terrible. Read More >>

Gravitational Wave Scientists Win £2 Million For Being Awesome

Earlier this year, scientists confirmed the presence of gravitational waves, a cosmological feature first predicted by Albert Einstein. In recognition of this remarkable achievement, the scientists involved in the study have won the $3/£2.06 million Special Breakthrough Prize. Read More >>

Hawking’s Interstellar Starship Would Revolutionise the Search for Alien Life

Yesterday, Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner made the mind-blowing announcement that they want to build a fleet of interstellar spacecraft that can travel at relativistic speeds — up to 20 per cent the speed of light. But it’s not just about reaching our nearest star system, Alpha Centauri, although that is the new Breakthrough project’s moonshot. The technology Hawking and Milner are proposing could revolutionise the search for alien life within our solar system. Read More >>

The Space Tech of Today That Could Power Stephen Hawking’s Interstellar Craft of Tomorrow

Stephen Hawking’s plan to create a starcraft that can traverse the inky blackness separating us and our cosmic neighbour is fantastically ambitious and filled with lots of “the tech will come” assumptions. But at its core, the technology that Hawking and billionaire Yuri Milner want to use to create the ship is already here. It’s just not quite at the level of development that it needs to be. Read More >>