Reddit Raised £150 Million and is Redesigning to Look More Like Facebook

Reddit, the “front page of the internet,” is about to catch up with the rest of the internet with a slick redesign, thanks to $200 million (around £151 million) in new venture funding. Read More >>

This Is Why Reddit Can’t Have Nice Things

After rolling out a new social profile feature to a whopping three users back in March, Reddit finally opened up a limited beta version to a select (significantly larger) group of users last week. It took exactly five days for them to ruin it. Great going, everyone! Read More >>

Reddit Vows to Police Its Most Toxic Users

Steve Huffman, Reddit’s co-founder and CEO, has already admitted that he fucked up last week when he decided to “troll the trolls” by editing user comments in the infamous pro-Trump subreddit, The_Donald. Today, in a long Reddit post, Huffman goes on to address the site’s growing problems with toxic communities and users. Read More >>

Reddit Bans /r/Coontown For All the Wrong Reasons

The community site Reddit has finally banned several controversial forums, including /r/Rapingwomen and the racist forums associated with /r/Coontown. The problem is that CEO Steve Huffman did it by putting a terrible set of policies in place. Read More >>