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Pixar’s Demo Reel From the ’80s Is a Trip to the Digital Dark Ages

Pixar may be known for its eye-popping animation and airtight storytelling these days, but in 1988 it was a struggling high-end computer manufacturer with a demo video aimed at boring government bureaucrats. Read More >>

A Holy Grail of Personal Computing Hits the Auction Block

Later this month, one of the rarest specimens of hardware history will go up for auction: a working Apple-1. While most will people will never be able to afford to bid on it, this is a great opportunity to look at this beautifully ragtag machine before it disappears into someone’s collection. Read More >>

Building Apple’s New Campus Sounds Like a Damn Nightmare

Steve Jobs was known for his perfectionism, insistence on innovation, megalomania, and making workers’ lives miserable. Now that he’s gone, Apple’s quality control has continued to slide. But Jobs’ final project, a new corporate headquarters, may be his most demanding tantrum of all. Read More >>

Why Trump’s Tech Summit is Going to Be Super Awkward

This Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump will meet with — or “summon,” as it were — leaders from across the tech industry for a round-table chat. On paper, this appears to be a very sensible meeting. Silicon Valley nurtured a deliciously cosy relationship with the Obama administration, and it stands to reason that it will try that route with the Trump regime. Read More >>

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Communists Oppose Naming a French Street for Steve Jobs, Suggest Ada Lovelace Instead

France has a surprisingly large number of streets named after Americans. There are streets named for Thomas Edison, George Gershwin, and Ben Franklin. But recent plans to name a street after Steve Jobs has encountered some resistance. Specifically, resistance from French Communists. Read More >>

Apple’s Lost Co-Founder: Steve Jobs Founded Apple With Some Apprehension

It’s been 40 years since Apple was founded, and by now, the story is a Silicon Valley legend: Two friends, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, built a multi-billion dollar empire right out of their parent’s garage. But what most people don’t know was that there was actually a third person critical to Apple’s origin. Read More >>

10 Things You Might Not Know About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the man, the myth, the legend, is either universally admired or hated (or, a little bit of both). For a time, he was the most famous man in the tech world, and his life has spawned not one, but two mediocre films. Read More >>

Steve Jobs’s Old Stuff is Up for Auction (Including One Very Special Turtleneck) 

A bunch of old shit that used to belong to Steve Jobs is going up for auction later this month. Read More >>

Everything We Can Piece Together About Apple’s Mysterious Car Project

It’s 2016, and Apple’s mysterious, oft-buzzed about car project is still tucked away under the “ideas that may or may not happen in this lifetime” section of the company’s filing cabinet. Despite a powerful rumour mill—former Apple board member Mickey Drexler once claimed it was Steve Jobs’ “dream” to make an iCar, and reports have repeatedly materialised over the years that Apple was in various stages of building its own vehicle—we’re still waiting, and the will-they-or-won’t-they nature of the project has us asking if we’ll ever see the vehicular version of Sasquatch. Read More >>

Apple Wants to Let You Become an Organ Donor With a New iPhone Feature

Apple plans to add a new feature to its Health app that will allow users in the US to easily sign up with a national organ donor registry, according to a report from the Associated Press. Read More >>

San Francisco Still Owes Steve Jobs $174 for Overpaid Parking Tickets

It turns out Steve Jobs’s legacy isn’t all rounded corners and chamfered edges: he also (accidentally) bequeathed the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority $174 in overpaid parking fines. He’s not alone: the SFMTA is trying to return $6 million in overpaid fines dating back to 1995. Read More >>

Banksy’s ‘Steve Jobs Was an Immigrant’ Mural Gets the Special Treatment

French authorities have said they're moving to protect one of the latest Banksy artworks to pop up in the city of Calais, with glass and plastic screens being hurried into place to protect a Steve Jobs pic before Katie Hopkins or Donald Trump can get there and emulsion it over. Read More >>

Woz Says Jobs Will be Known for His “Negative Personality”

In preparation for the upcoming Steve Jobs cinematic release, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been doing the publicity rounds, including making this featurette that juxtaposes his real-life commentary with snippets from the movie. Read More >>

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Steve Jobs Film “Ridiculous” and Wrong, Says Old Buddy Jony Ive

Jony Ive has come out as rather strongly against the current rash of films about his former chum and boss Steve Jobs, telling an audience that the most recent move – Sony's Fassbender-starring  Steve Jobs – sees the filmmakers try to "hijack" Jobs's legacy. Read More >>