Stingrays Chew Their Food Like Humans and it Looks Really Strange

Mammals are unique in that they’re practically the only creatures that take the time to chew their food. Or at least that’s what we thought. New research shows that stingrays also use chewing motions to grind down their meal. And as this video attests, it’s pretty damned weird to watch. Read More >>

British Defence Giant Offers Tactical Rubbish Bins to American Police

While most of us eventually stop playing spies, American police departments have found it increasingly tough to grow up, using military-developed surveillance equipment for crimes as minor as 911 hangups in recent years. Sensing an opportunity, defence contractors apparently stepped in to fulfil the demand, as demonstrated by a newly leaked 2014 product catalogue from British defence firm Cobham Read More >>

This Cyborg Stingray Is the Coolest Thing You’ll See All Day

An international team of researchers has developed an eerily realistic robotic stingray that blurs the line between animal and machine. Fuelled by light-activated heart cells, the cyborg fish could inspire the development of futuristic medical devices and incredibly life-like synthetic animals. Read More >>

The FBI Lets Criminals Walk in Order to Keep This Device a Secret

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is notoriously secretive about its mobile phone tracking tools known as Stingrays. Now, new documents obtained by the ACLU show how the FBI keeps its surveillance gadgets shrouded in mystery: the FBI makes cops dismiss criminal cases if they threaten to reveal secrets about Stingrays. Read More >>

Here is the Spy Equipment That Powers the FBI’s Secret Dragnet

The FBI is going to remarkable lengths to hide information about its surveillance programme that intercepts calls and texts with equipment called Stingrays. Read More >>

£1,200 Gets You Sneakers Made From Stingrays Customised Through Genetic Engineering

£1,200 is a lot of money to spend on a single pair of shoes. But a company called Rayfish Footwear has come up with a unique manufacturing process that's even more over-the-top than what it's charging for its creations: It's genetically-engineering stingrays for their skins. Read More >>