Shutterstock is Now Offering Stock Music

Shutterstock, the subscription-based stock photo company behind a lot of the generic (or weird) stock photography you see online, is now offering stock music for video producers and the like. [Shutterstock via Mashable] Read More >>

The Navajo Know: Posting Photos Online Shouldn’t Mean Selling Your Soul to Advertisers

From the Navajo Native Americans to Aboriginal tribespeople, many cultures around the globe have feared the soul-stealing properties of the photograph. Whether it be captured on film or, in the age of digital photography, a .jpeg or RAW file, there have always been those wary of the spirit-sapping power of the camera, for spiritual reasons or the simple defense of vanity. Read More >>

Absurd Stock Photos Made The First Silicon Alley Billionaire

Photos of garbage or (fully clothed) people posing with fruit are big business. Stock photo sites, which provide images for news organizations, blogs, corporate campaigns and all manner of low-budget advertising, have been growing for years. And Shutterstock, founded in 2003 by Jonathan Oringer, has expanded from hosting 30,000 of Oringer's own photos to distributing about 28 million licensed photos/illustrations/videos. And all those cats riding merry-go-rounds have made Oringer a billionaire. Read More >>