Hyperloop Connecting Helsinki and Stockholm Turns 300-Mile Trip Into 28 Minute Ride

Where will the first Hyperloop be? So far there are plans to use the tubular transportation system to move passengers in Slovakia and freight at the Port of Los Angeles. But a proposed application for the Hyperloop announced today could solve a transportation conundrum that has been challenging planners for centuries: Connecting the neighbouring nations of Sweden and Finland. Read More >>

This Plan to Turn Stockholm Into a City Full of Sky Ways Looks Incredible

We know that cities will need to get taller and denser in the next few decades. Yet it’s not easy to convince residents to build skyscrapers. This Swedish proposal for Stockholm’s downtown incorporates light, greenery, and public space into its tall buildings. It makes density look beautiful. Read More >>

We Cannot Allow This Awful Idea for Airport Design to Become Real

Airports and cities don’t get along for a few specific reasons: namely, air pollution, noise pollution, and plain old risk. As such, some designers think that a future of increased urban density could be an opportunity to mix things up. This concept for a new airport in downtown Stockholm is simply mixed up. Read More >>

Watch This Guided Tour of Stockholm’s Beautiful Underground

Alexander Dragunov is an architectural photographer, but his real passion is capturing images of underground systems. In this video, he gives a guided tour of his favourite metro system in Stockholm and reveals that it is indeed stunningly beautiful. Read More >>