Welcome to Nordstrom, Can I Interest You in This Fancy Rock?

The American home is replete with all manner of overpriced baubles and trinkets. But is your idlic suburban ranch house truly complete with an $85 (£67) rock in a bespoke leather pouch? Nordstrom thinks not. Read More >>

This is the Largest Stone Block Ever Carved by Human Hands

This may look like a modern civil engineering marvel—but in fact you're looking at the largest known stone block to be tirelessly carved by ancient human hands. Read More >>

If Stonehenge is Actually a Giant Instrument, What Does it Sound Like?

We know that the rocks of Stonehenge were carried there from over 200 miles away, but we've never known why. Now, researchers say they believe it was for the special sonic qualities of a particular kind of stone—and that Stonehenge might have served as a bell-like instrument. Read More >>

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How to Roll a 340-Ton Boulder Through the Streets of Los Angeles

How does one move 340 tons of solid granite from a quarry in Riverside county, through some of the busiest streets in the country, to the grounds of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art? This mammoth trailer is certainly a start. Read More >>