Ancient Britons Travelled Hundreds of Miles to Attend Pork Fests at Stonehenge

Prehistoric Britons travelled impressive distances to attend celebrations at monumental sites like Stonehenge, according to new research. Incredibly, many of them brought their pigs along with them for the journey—an impressive feat, considering some participants came from hundreds of miles away. Read More >>

Paul Oakenfold DJs to His Mates at Stonehenge

Living 1990s DJ relic Paul Oakenfold was granted permission to play a set right next to the hallowed ancient circle of Stonehenge, his orange coat illuminated by the sunset as he bashed out a few tunes for the benefit of 50 invited guests. Read More >>

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This Incredible Time Lapse of the High Plains During the Eclipse Brought Me to Tears

>Folks yak a lot of crap about the High Plains—mainly they complain about it being flat or boring as they drive down the infinitely straight highways. But a tour of places like Western Nebraska or South Dakota reveals a sublime landscape beneath a vast sky, accompanied by the humbling realisation that you are just one tiny human on this very big, stormy planet. Read More >>

They Really Are Sticking a Massive New Road Under Stonehenge

They're almost certainly going to dig a tunnel right under Stonehenge, and then, to further infuriate the ancient sun and star gods, it'll be filled with cars going to second homes in Devon and Cornwall. Read More >>

6,000-Year-Old “Eco Home” Found at Stonehenge

Scientists digging up more of the hallowed turf near Stonehenge claim to have found the remains of a 6,000 year old home, one that used a tree for a wall and is therefore proof of some sort of eco credentials. Or laziness. Read More >>

Internet Theorists Go Mad for Marshenge Discovery

People poring over images taken by the HiRISE Mars orbiter have found another thing to get excited about on the internet, discovering something that looks quite a bit like Stonehenge. But on Mars. Read More >>

6,000-Year-Old Campsite Discovered at Stonehenge

A dig around Stonehenge in October has just had its carbon dating results back, with researchers claiming they've found a campsite some 6,000 years old just a mile and a half from the centre of the site. Read More >>

Underground Mapping Near Stonehenge Reveals a New “Super Henge”

The mysteries of Stonehenge are sometimes revealed by unusual methods—forgetting to water its grass or whacking its stones with quartz. In this case, it took four years of staring at the ground. A new underground survey reveals a vast complex of unknown Neolithic monuments near Stonehenge, including a huge stone "super henge." Read More >>

Mystery (Partially) Solved: Stonehenge Was a Complete Circle

One of the mysteries of Stonehenge has been solved because someone was too lazy to get a longer hose. Read More >>

If Stonehenge is Actually a Giant Instrument, What Does it Sound Like?

We know that the rocks of Stonehenge were carried there from over 200 miles away, but we've never known why. Now, researchers say they believe it was for the special sonic qualities of a particular kind of stone—and that Stonehenge might have served as a bell-like instrument. Read More >>

This is (Possibly) What 5,500 Year Old Man Looked Like

This handsome looking chap doesn't look a day over 40, but in fact he's 5,500 years old. This is a startlingly life like reconstruction of a prehistoric skull buried near Stonehenge which is 5,500 years old. Read More >>

Stonehenge’s New Visitor Center Looks Positively Neolithic

The decrepit old visitor centre at Stonehenge has been too small and too old for decades. In fact, it's been described with typical Brit candour as "disgraceful" and an "embarrassment" to England. Finally, this month, a new, £27 million visitors' centre has opened—here's a look inside. Read More >>

New Theory Says Stonehenge May Have Been Massive Musical Instrument

Stonehenge may have been built as an enormous old amplifier, with new research suggesting our Stone Age descendants might have hauled the rocks hundreds of miles simply because they make pleasant sounds when hit with massive hammers. Read More >>

Skoda Turns PR Madness up to 11 With Stonehenge Car Stunt

The latest in the long line of ill-advised attempts to recreate Stonehenge comes to us via car maker Skoda, which has installed this car-henge on the bank of the river Thames. Read More >>

Fake Clouds and Real Cows Bring the British Countryside to the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Director Danny Boyle has revealed his plans for the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, and for once it's not all bowler hats and red buses. We'll be seeing a fake Glastonbury, real cows, battling traditional and modern mosh pits and simulated rolling countryside welcoming the world to London 2012. Read More >>