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Trippy Video Uses 3D Printing and Stop-Motion Animation to Make a Statue Sing

Here’s a really cool music video that uses 3D printing, stop-motion animation, and projection mapping to make a model come alive to sing a song. It’s a especially trippy, because it’s like seeing a statue start talking out of nowhere. Read More >>

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The Staggering Evolution of Stop-Motion in Film History

Film-makers have been stop-motion animation for aeons, and it truly has become an art. This video by Vugar Efendi tracks the evolution of stop motion in film starting with The Enchanted Drawing in 1900, which was really just a drawing of a face changing facial expressions, all the way up to the gloriously beautiful Kubo and the Two Strings, which was released this summer. Read More >>

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Making Stop Motion Animation Looks Really Hard

I mean, the animator in the gif above changes his shirt at least four times before he’s able to make the Ninja Monkey doll walk just a couple of steps. That’s a lot of time spent animating the most basic of motions lasting just seconds. Read More >>