Sony Abandons the PSP Store This Month

One of the many online portals and subdomains and shopping services operated by Sony is about to close, with the company preparing to transition PSP users away from their own little corner of the internet back to the wider PlayStation Store. Read More >>

Google Offloading Some Complete Tat in its Play Store Birthday Sale

To celebrate its Google Play rebrand taking place one year ago, Google has launched a rather half-hearted sale across its app, music, book and film portal. Celebrate it being a Wednesday by giving Google some money, seems to be the rough idea of it. Read More >>

Google’s Pre-Paid Android Gift Cards Priced for UK Launch

Google's been teasing us about its US-only Google Play gift cards for months, with a "redeem" page available for UK users since late last year -- but no cards to buy and actually redeem in any way. That may be about to change soon, with Google's support pages now specifying UK prices, revealing we'll be able to buy £10, £25 and £50 gift cards... at some point in the future. [Android Authority] Read More >>

Apple Has Trademarked the Design of its Stores

Yes, you are looking at a technical drawing of an Apple store. And yes, it does form part of an approved trademark request which means nobody can imitate Apple's temples to tech. Read More >>

Microsoft Refusing to Sell 18-Rated Games on Windows 8 Marketplace

Microsoft has got itself into a bit of a pickle regarding the direct selling of digital games through its Windows 8 Marketplace, with the result being that no 18-rated titles will be available to buy through its PC store in the UK. Read More >>

Google’s Getting into the Tablet Business Later This Year

Normally an unmitigated disaster on the scale of the Nexus One would give a company pause, but not Google. The search giant is jumping back into competition with Apple and Amazon with plans to hock Android tablets on its website. Read More >>

Apple Just Hired a Brit To Head Up Its Worldwide Retail Operations

Apple has just appointed John Browett, chief executive of UK electronics retailer Dixons (previously of Tesco), as its new vice-president of retail. It's the first external senior-executive appointment by Tim Cook, and will see Browett take over the whole of Apple's already incredibly successful retail strategy. Read More >>

Are Apple’s New App Rentals the Long-Awaited Trial Versions?

I've asked for trial versions of iPhone and iPad apps since the beginning. Not lite versions, but complete apps that users can test for 24 hours before buying—or not. According to the latest iTunes beta, it may happen. Read More >>