Toys R Us Files For Bankruptcy in the US – But Your UK Toy Shopping is Safe For Now

After recently announcing it was struggling, the toy retailer giant Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy in the US. Read More >>

Apple Now Has a Design Patent for its Giant Glass Cube

Apple's been on a tear to protect the look of its retail experiences, trademarking the design of its stores and patenting its proprietary see-through staircases. Now its glass cube flagship store in Manhattan is officially a patented design in the U.S., with "Steve P. Jobs" listed as one of the inventors. Read More >>

Navigate by Barcode and Never Get Lost Again

Libraries have terrible maps; supermarkets and department stores have bad signage; all of them have a built-in system for navigation that we don't use: barcodes. Read More >>

Why Do US Pharmacies Put Soap Under Lock and Key?

The last time I bought body wash at a downtown shop, I had to call over an employee just to unlock the glass case. What? Why would anyone want to steal plastic bottles of soap worth very little money? The answer might surprise you. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy Stuff From Right Inside a Torrent

BitTorrent's always got something cooking, from a streaming video protocol that never overloads, to a neat little private cloud storage system. Now the company's invented a new kind of torrent that lets content creators pack their own little store right inside. Read More >>

A Look Inside Afghanistan’s Almost-Apple Store

Fake Apple stores are nothing new. China has a slew of them, all polished and shiny, appearing almost as if they are the genuine article at a glance. Quartz dug up some details on Afghanistan's (fake) Apple store, and though it's a bit more frumpy than most, it still gets the job done. Read More >>

Apple May Be Using Retail Store Employees to Fix Their Crap Maps

Mac Rumors claims that Apple is "turning to select Retail Store employees to help improve Maps for iOS 6." What a genius idea! Read More >>

Microsoft Launching Own-Brand High Street Shops in the UK Next Year

Microsoft is set to bring its own take on the retail experience to the UK high street, with the software giant believed to be planning the launch of a number of physical shops next year. Read More >>

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Interactive Shoebox Dioramas Might One Day Lure You Away From Amazon

In an attempt to make brick and mortar stores more than just a showroom for websites like Amazon, Planar has taken the see-through LCD displays that were all the rage at CES and created enhanced display boxes providing more details on the items inside. Read More >>

Amazing Sweet Shop Looks Like It Was Drawn By Kids

When the Red Design Group was hired by Sweet Enough to design the interior of its first retail store, it ran with the idea of a 'kid in a candy store'. In fact, it actually looks like they hired a group of pre-schoolers to sketch the blueprints with crayons. Read More >>