Apocalypse Now: The Best Views of Today’s Orange Sky

Storm Ophelia has raged in on Ireland from the Atlantic, and while England is mostly unaware of the devastation it's brought with it, it has left us one reminder of its presence: a sensational orange sky. Read More >>

Why the Hell Is This Manhole Cover Levitating?

A huge storm drenched Phoenix and flooded the streets earlier this week. That’s already bizarre, and is the kind of storm you get once a century in the desert. But the weirdest thing is this floating manhole cover. The 150-pound metal plate kind of looks like it’s dancing. Or at least, it’s bouncing around the street in an attempt to levitate. Read More >>

5 Ways People Have Died While Taking Selfies

Weatherpeople are warning us mortals about Barney, a polite-sounding storm that’s set to bring 75mph wind and lashings of rain to the UK. The chaos is expected to move from Wales and the south of Ireland to central and southern areas of England this evening, which means that Gatwick and Heathrow could have a busy night of flight cancellations. Read More >>

Met Office Brings US Storm-naming Idea to the UK and Ireland

We're copying that thing they do in America with the naming of the storms, it seems, with the UK's Met Office and the Irish Meteorological Service coming together to launch a trial of a naming system for the storms that land on the Atlantic coast. Read More >>

Yikes! The Whole of England and Wales are On Red Flood Alert

While our American cousins are facing an Ice Age-like cold snap, we've got our own extreme weather problems. At the time of writing, the entirety of both England and Wales have been given a red-level flood warning by the Environment Agency. Not sure if this applies to city-bound tower block dwellers, but have those sandbags ready nonetheless. [Environment Agency] Read More >>

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Is This a Storm or the Open Gates of Hell?

Check out this unbelievable storm photograph by Anne Goforth—her entry for the 2013 National Geographic Photo Contest. Read More >>

How Did You Fare In St Jude’s Great Storm of 2013?

"The end times are coming! The great flood! Our capitalist iniquities are being punished by the old gods!" Or at least that's what you'd think was happening, given the hysteria surrounding this morning's windy weather, courtesy of St Jude's storm. Read More >>

Winter Storm Nemo Has Ruined Twitter Parody Accounts Forever

We all knew this would happen. It always happens, but it's still horrifying to see. Put together by EJMaroun and brought to our attention by stefan, here's a harrowing look at the state of Twitter comedy today. This is far more harrowing than a storm. Read More >>

NASA Image Shows the Mayhem That Created Life on Earth

About 4.1 billion years ago, our solar system was a huge cluster of comets bombarding every planet orbiting the Sun and crashing into each other. That period of chaos is known as the Late Heavy Bombardment, and astronomers believe it was key to the formation of life in our planet. Read More >>

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This Spectacular Storm Cloud Is So Dramatic That It Looks Like a Nuclear Explosion

Holy mother of Thor-new desktop background alert! Look at this beautiful cloud captured near Beijing. Never before has something so monstrous and dangerous looked so beautiful. Click through to see the full-sized image in all its glory, oh and check out the tiny airliner flying away from it. [Flight Global] Read More >>

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An Unbelievable Picture of Eight Lightning Bolts Striking San Francisco at the Same Time

A hellacious storm rocked San Francisco last night which meant howlin' winds, pourin' rain, boomin' thunder and an ungodly amount of strikin' lightning. In this picture, we see all four towers of San Francisco's Bay Bridge being struck with lightning... at the same time. Mother Nature, you are a scary mama. Read More >>