What If Eleven in Stranger Things Is Even More Connected to the Monsters Than We Know?

Who’s the real monster in Stranger Things, anyway? A new video runs down the pretty compelling fan theory. Read More >>

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Sesame Street’s Parody of Stranger Things is Better Than the Original

Sesame Street’s parodies have always been delightful, but the show’s riff on Stranger Things is honestly some next-level awesomeness. Read More >>

The Heartbreaking Detail You Might’ve Missed in Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things might be known for its Easter eggs designed for children of the 1980s, but the most interesting, significant, and impactful one of the second season has nothing to do with nostalgia, but rather its own story. Read More >>

Stranger Things Almost Killed Off One of the Kids

Even though they easily could have ended up being insufferable, the young actors at the centre of Stranger Things are actually endearing and charming as hell. But back when the Duffer Brothers were first dreaming the series up, they had every intention of killing one of those lovable kids on screen. Read More >>

The Original Pitch for Stranger Things May Hold Clues About the Show’s Future

Long before it became known as Stranger Things, Matt and Ross Duffers were hard at work on their pitch for “Montauk,” an “epic tale of sci fi horror inspired by the 80s and the works of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King. Read More >>

Stranger Things 2 Originally Had a Much Different, Much Darker Plan For Bob

Sean Astin’s character Bob is certainly one of the best new additions on Stranger Things 2. However, the character was incredibly different in early iterations of the season, changing drastically once Astin came on board the cast. Read More >>

Welp, There’s a Stranger Things Dildo Now

Whenever there’s a new, popular sci-fi movie like Avatar or television show like Stranger Things that features otherworldly creatures, there’s a certain number of the people who see the strange beasts and think to themselves “I wanna have sex with that alien demon thing or whatever it is.” Read More >>

Watch the Stranger Things Sheriff Dance His Way to Meme Glory

Howdy, I’m Jim Hopper, and I’m the Sheriff of the dance. Read More >>

Stranger Things and the History of the Trope of ‘Coming Back Wrong’

Stranger Things returns this week, showing what happened to Will Byers one year after returning to his family and friends. Unfortunately for Will, something happened during his time in the Upside Down–he came back wrong. Read More >>

Stranger Things Season Two, Which Will Be Released All at Once, Is Also Somehow Getting an Aftershow

We live in the aftershow era, a time when the only thing people like more than sitting down to watch an hour of TV is to continue sitting down and watching another hour that discusses the previous hour of TV with the people that made it. Stranger Things is jumping on the bandwagon, and it’s doing so in a suitably strange way. Read More >>

Stranger Things Had to Ask Permission to Use Ghostbusters Halloween Costumes

One of the first things we ever saw of Stranger Things’ highly-anticipated second season was Dustin, Mike, and Lucas all dressed up as the most gosh-darn adorable Ghostbusters in Hawkins, Indiana. It’s become one of the defining images of the new season—and the show had to get blessings from Ghostbusters royalty to use them. Read More >>

Stranger Things’ Second Season Lives Up to Its Incredible Expectations

Here’s the thing about Stranger Things season two: If you liked season one, and pretty much everyone did, then you’ll like this season just fine. Everything is turned up a bit, but the soul of Stranger Things remains what it was last season—a story about friendship, family, and giant piles of ‘80s nostalgia. Read More >>

Stranger Things Was Nearly an Anthology Series, Before Everyone Else Got on the Bandwagon

Netflix’s Stranger Things took the world by storm with its canny and effective use of 1980s nostalgia and a story that was more binge-worthy than anyone expected. That story will continue in season two, but according to series creators Matt and Ross Duffer, the series was almost going to be something more like an anthology. Read More >>

In This Stranger Things Clip, Eleven Escapes the Upside Down by Being Birthed Out of the School Mascot

Eleven’s journey in the next season of Stranger Things has been largely kept a mystery, following her cliffhanger disappearance at the end of the first season. But a new clip gives a little taste of how she escaped her trip to the Upside Down, and it’s definitely not pretty. Read More >>

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In the Final Trailer for Stranger Things Season Two, Everyone’s Headed to the Upside Down

Stranger Things’ second season might only be mere weeks away, but this new trailer has us wishing it was here right this instant. Read More >>