Stranger Things Was Nearly an Anthology Series, Before Everyone Else Got on the Bandwagon

Netflix’s Stranger Things took the world by storm with its canny and effective use of 1980s nostalgia and a story that was more binge-worthy than anyone expected. That story will continue in season two, but according to series creators Matt and Ross Duffer, the series was almost going to be something more like an anthology. Read More >>

In This Stranger Things Clip, Eleven Escapes the Upside Down by Being Birthed Out of the School Mascot

Eleven’s journey in the next season of Stranger Things has been largely kept a mystery, following her cliffhanger disappearance at the end of the first season. But a new clip gives a little taste of how she escaped her trip to the Upside Down, and it’s definitely not pretty. Read More >>

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In the Final Trailer for Stranger Things Season Two, Everyone’s Headed to the Upside Down

Stranger Things’ second season might only be mere weeks away, but this new trailer has us wishing it was here right this instant. Read More >>

Stranger Things Is Getting A Waffle-Based Card Game, And I’m So Confused Right Now

The first season of Stranger Things was such a sleeper hit going in that it's taken the impending arrival of season two for the merchandise hysteria all pop culture sensations are mandated to have. Which brings us to this, my friends: Hasbro is making a Stranger Things card game and nothing makes sense any more. Read More >>

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The New Stranger Things Trailer Is a Real Thriller, and in More Ways Than One

The cast of Stranger Things got a heroes’ welcome in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, even before they released this giant trailer filled with new footage from the show’s incredibly anticipated second season. And yes, that is Vincent Price’s voiceover from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Yep, Stranger Things is still totally awesome. Read More >>

Stranger Things Gets Some Suitably Retro Action Figures

I am not usually a big fan of “retro style” figures, but if there’s one franchise perfect for the treatment, it’s the nostalgia-laden aesthetic of Stranger Things. So thankfully, Funko is more than happy to oblige with not one, but two collections of old-school figures depicting Eleven and the gang. Read More >>

The Stranger Things Soundtrack Cassette Contains Potentially Lethal Amounts of ’80s Nostalgia

Stranger Things already has multiple soundtrack albums pressed on fancy coloured vinyl, packaged with all the extras you’d expect. But if you’re looking to experience the sounds of the Netflix hit via a slightly more nostalgic and obscure format, a cassette version will soon be available too. Read More >>

We’ve Got More Details About Stranger Things’ New Monster

The last few days have revealed a number of details about the monster we saw menacing Hawkins in the season two Stranger Things trailer—including what sounds like the ominous name the cast used for it on the set. Read More >>

The Creators of Stranger Things Promise the Show Will End on Their Terms

The problem with any mystery-based show is the risk of getting to the end and things don’t come together. As Stranger Things season two continues production, the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, are already taking steps to make sure their show doesn’t suffer the same fate. Read More >>

The First Plot Details for Stranger Things Season Two Have Everyone Damaged in Some Way

We now know what the state of Stranger Things will be when it comes back later this year. We know how long the time jump between seasons will be, what new characters are getting added, and the boys’ Halloween costumes. We know a lot, except for what’s going on with Eleven. Read More >>

Let’s Read Way Too Much Into the First Stranger Things Season Two Footage

While most people woke up dreaming of another 12 months free from NFL tomfoolery, we woke up pondering what the heck we saw in the first footage from Stranger Things’ second season. Read More >>

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The First Footage From Stranger Things Season 2 Is Perfect; Premieres Halloween

Last year, the concept of a weird Eighties Netflix show having a Super Bowl advert seemed insane. But that was before we all discovered Stranger Things, which just debuted footage from season 2. Read More >>

Yes, Eleven Will Be Back For Stranger Things Season Two

At the end of Stranger Things season one, the fate of Eleven, played by newcomer Millie Bobby Brown, was uncertain. So when season two was announced, the creators were mum on whether or not the key character would be returning. Secretly, though, we all knew she had to—and now we know she definitely will. Read More >>

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Stranger Things Has Released an Official News Report on Barb and Eggos

On a day containing the news of Stranger Things Funko Pop figures being on their way, it seemed unlikely anything bigger would arrive from the world of the Upside Down. Netflix is trying, though, with a silly parody news report tied to the show. Read More >>

The Netflix Halloween Doorbell Takes Some Building

Netflix has decided to do a Halloween thing, because everyone’s trying to be cool by saying they're all obsessed with the music from Stranger Things, and also because people hate being interrupted by greedy little shits demanding food/money when they're trying to watch terrible horror movies. Mainly the Stranger Things bit though. Read More >>