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April the Giraffe Has Officially Given Birth 

An event almost 16 months in the making is going down right this moment at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. Internet phenomenon April the Giraffe gave birth to her much-anticipated calf yesterday and more than a million people gathered to watch it live and simultaneously say together: “Push!” Read More >>

China’s Launching Its Longest Manned Space Mission Tonight and You Can Stream It Here

Today, China is set to launch its longest manned spacecraft mission at 23:30 GMT from the Gobi Desert and you can watch it live right here. Read More >>

How to Sigh and Tut Your Way Through Apple’s Live iPhone 7 Reveal Tonight

The internet will be literally unbearable for large portions of this evening and well into tomorrow morning, because Apple's doing that thing it does once a year when it confirms all the things that Chinese factory workers have been telling us for the last eight months. There's a new iPhone. It will be the same and better. Read More >>

BBC Adds Subtitles to Live iPlayer Streams

The BBC has started testing the embedding of subtitles to live programmes streaming through iPlayer, helping the 20 per cent of viewers who use the subtitling options to enjoy stuff as it happens rather than making them wait for the individual episode links to appear. Read More >>

HP Stream Mini: A Cute, Cheap Windows Desktop

The £180 HP Stream is the bargain-basement laptop to beat. But what if you want a desktop instead? Take a peek at the new HP Stream Mini. At just over 2 inches tall, 725g, and a mere $180 (about £117, directly converted) out of your wallet, this tiny pastel blue nettop packs a surprising amount of value into the case. Read More >>

Google Adds 1080p Tab-Casting Options to Chromecast’s Browser App

Those who fiddle beneath the bonnet of Chromecast will now find the option to stream browser content at 1080p inside the "enhanced tab casting" options, with Google allowing users to select a 60fps and 1920 x 1080 option. The Google Cast (beta) Chrome app is what you need to make it happen. [OMG Chrome via TNW] Read More >>

BBC Demos Future 4G Streaming TV of the Future

The Commonwealth Games, which will see the BBC test 4K broadcasts at a public event, is also being used to introduce a disbelieving population to the concept of streaming live TV events over the 4G network. Read More >>

Narrative Is a Lifelogging Camera That’s Finally Happening

In March we covered Memoto, a lifelogging camera that takes two photos a minute while you're wearing it. It was in the preorder stage then and with $500,000 more than expected from its November Kickstarter, it had an ambitious April shipping timeframe. Which obviously didn't happen. BUT now it's actually going to ship on November 1st. For real this time. Read More >>

Live-Stream Totally Legitimate Mega Video Uploads With Mega-Stream

A clever little tweak to existing Mega search engine Mega-Search is now live for testing, with its Mega-Stream system letting users stream video files uploaded to the file hosting super-site. We'll get in trouble for suggesting this makes piracy easier, but it's certainly not a hindrance to watching Hollywood's latest regurgitated tat on your computer. Read More >>

Facebook’s Auto-Play Video Ads Ready for Social Network Apocalypse This July

Despite literally no one in the world ever having anything positive to say about auto-playing video adverts, the billion-user social site is pushing ahead with plans to introduce the full motion ad format to its newsfeed from this July. Read More >>

Create An Endless Photo Stream So You Can Stalk Your Own Life

If you lived to be 80 you would have lived for more than 41 million minutes. And if you wore a Memoto for your whole life you would have more than 82 million photos to show for it. Which is pretty scary. Read More >>

Today’s Apple Event Will Be Streamed Live to Apple TVs

For those eager to hear what Tim Cook has to announce later on, good news: today's Apple event will be streamed live, direct to Apple TVs. Read More >>

Curiosity Has Found a Riverbed on Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover has found evidence of an ancient riverbed on Mars. While it's now dried up, it's the first ever evidence to prove that running water once poured over the surface of the red planet. This is huge. Read More >>

The BBC’s Olympic Coverage Was a Gold Medal-Deserving Triumph

The BBC did a cracking job covering the London Olympics -- too right, we last had it in 1948, so of course Auntie was going to go all-out with her coverage! Spanning 24 different live channels, online and on mobile, the coverage left absolutely nothing in the dark so you could follow your favourite sport right from the get-go. And follow it you did, according to stats the Beeb released this week. Read More >>