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Blade’s Shadow Service Turns Any Device into a £1,500+ Windows Computer

Back at CES in January, French company Blade seemed to promise the moon. For a monthly fee, the company would give users access to a high-end Windows 10 machine, with the latest CPU from Intel and a beefy Nvidia 1080 GPU built in. The computer would be housed at a server farm, which means as long as you had an internet connection, your iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac machine could access it. Read More >>

Why You Should Still Be Buying Digital Downloads

Music streaming is the future, apparently, which means the digital download had a bright and brief existence—lasting from the end of the 1990s to (presumably) the end of the 2010s. But before you erase all your carefully collected MP3s from the disk and close down the iTunes Store for the last time, we’ve got some very good reasons why you shouldn’t. Read More >>

Streaming Music Services, From Most Screwed to Least Screwed

SoundCloud is fucked. On Thursday, the streaming music service mostly known as a place to hear podcasts and remixes from unknown DJs confirmed that it had taken $70 million (£56 million) in debt funding—basically a loan from various investors—in order to stay in business. Read More >>

New Streaming Service Could Have Largest Classic Film Library Ever Assembled Online

The initial news of FilmStruck, a collaboration between Turner and Criterion, was met with a sigh with users of Hulu. As part of the development of the new streaming channel Criterion would be ending their relationship with Hulu and Hulu Plus subscribers would be losing over 500 films currently available exclusively through Criterion. Read More >>

14 Netflix Hacks to Help You Binge Like a Pro

Netflix had some 75 million paying subscribers around the world—but how many of those people are getting the most out of their subscription? You can supercharge your viewing experience with these browser extensions and online apps that will take your Netflix game to a whole new level. Read More >>

Jay Z Says He Got Ripped Off On Tidal

Jay Z is mad. Why is Jay Z mad? Because he threw $56 million at Tidal, the oft-controversial streaming service that even his own friends are slowly backing away from. With things maybe not going exactly according to plan, Beyoncé’s husband has decided he can’t take it any longer, and the businessman has started lobbing legal threats at Tidal’s previous owners. Read More >>

Apple Music vs Spotify: The Streaming Rivals Compared

After months of rumours and waiting, it is official: Apple is getting into the streaming music business and taking on Spotify. But can it succeed in making streaming profitable? And does it do anything that the competition does not? The fight card reads Apple Music vs Spotify, so whose banging beats are delivering the killer blow? Read More >>

The Future of Music-Streaming Services Is Being Held Back by the Present Music-Streaming Services

Let's talk about music streaming. How much does it figure in your listening habits? Do you ever envisage stumping up the cash for a monthly subscription? We ask because the music industry is pinning its future survival on it. Why this particular model? Because it's one that they can control. Read More >>