BBC Together Lets You Watch Your Favourite BBC Content With Pals in Lockdown

Remember Rabbit? The service that let you watch content with friends online in shared sessions? Well BBC Together is that, but with purely BBC produced content. Read More >>

Europol’s Warning Against Pirate IPTV Services Actually Makes Them Sound Very Appealing

The European law enforcement agency has put out a warning on the evils of using IPTV services, but inadvertently made them sound like attractive alternatives to legitimate paid subscription services like Netflix, Disney+, and the like. Read More >>

disney plus
Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian is Getting a Documentary Series That’s Dropping on Star Wars Day

Somewhere along the line, 'May the Fourth' became a thing that everyone is now on board with, and has since become Star Wars Day. Disney is even getting in on it, with the premiere of a 'making of' documentary all about The Mandalorian. Read More >>

Apple’s Best Show is an Alt-History Cold War Epic about Moon Missions with Women

For the last month, I’ve been struck with a problem I fear far too few people have been struck with. I’ve been confusing my sharply written sci-fi shows that use alternative history to explore the ways we marginalise whole groups of people. Watchmen has explored the travesties America has committed against black people, while Apple TV+’s For All Mankind explores the absurdity of sexism. Read More >>

Netflix Autoplays the Murder of Kittens to Angry Subscribers

At a time when its seat as top streaming service has never been more precarious, the fact that Netflix would decide now to push out a docuseries about a creep who tortures and murders kittens among other horrifying acts is... a choice. But one I can at least wrap my head around. What I fail to understand, however, is why – until recently – subscribers were able to stumble upon that kind of gruesome content without warning. Read More >>

BBC and ITV Streaming Service BritBox Is Making Its UK Debut Later This Year

The Brit-themed streaming service from BBC and ITV that made its debut in the US in 2017 is making good on the promise of its UK launch before the end of the year. Read More >>

YouTube Is Officially in the Live TV Game Now

YouTube TV — the cordcutting service Google teased six weeks ago — is now available in five US cities. People in New York, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area, Philadelphia, or Chicago, can sign up for the $35 (£28) a month live TV bundle right now. Read More >>

Amazon Fire TV Stick to Funnel Piping Hot Telly into UK HDMI Ports for as Little as £7

Remember Amazon's Fire TV set-top streaming box that made a subsidised play to sit under your telly last year? Well, now it's available in stick form. Read More >>

Why Roku Matters More Than Ever

You have more streaming TV options than you could hope for, especially now that Amazon has entered the fray. And while Apple TV, Chromecast, and Fire TV all have their strengths, they also share the same crippling weakness: self-interest. That's what makes Roku so important. Read More >>

What the Inside of Google’s Chromecast Looks Like

Curious as to what's hiding inside the Google Chromecast dongle? Thanks to the FCC, we don't have to wonder what the Chromecast comes packing anymore. There's a Marvell DE3005 chip and an AzurWare chip to take care of Wi-Fi duties, according to Anandtech. FCC documents actually show Chromecast details in May, with pictures of its innards added today. Enjoy the guts. [FCC via @nerdtalker, Engadget] Read More >>

The Many Ways in Which Google Is Trying to Take Over the World

A report emerged late Tuesday that Google is working on building its own streaming TV service. The move would bring Google up from being the owner of a mere streaming video site to competing with telecom giants like Sky. That means Google would have an entirely new — if related — industry to disrupt and, potentially, dominate. Which leaves one glaring question hanging in the air: Doesn't Google dominate enough industries already? Read More >>

Report: Google Wants to Make a Streaming Television Service

The Wall Street Journal reports unnamed sources that say Google has approached big media companies about licensing TV shows for a streaming television service it wants to launch. Intel and Apple have also been working on similar services. Read More >>

These Are the Original Pilots Amazon Is Going to Make Into Series

Amazon has decided on the five pilots it will turn into full series — Alpha House, Betas, Annebots, Creative Galaxy, and Tumbleleaf — have all officially gotten the green light. Read More >>

Will Ouya Beat the Apple TV to the Streaming TV App Pie?

We've been saying for years all the Apple TV needs are channel-specific streaming TV apps and it'd be truly awesome. Now Ouya's CEO has come out and basically said that the mini Android console should come packing a load of streaming apps from major publishers and she's "talking to everyone". Read More >>

Sony Is Going to Make a Pay-TV Killing Streaming TV Service Later This Year

Variety reports that one of Sony's big fish announcements this year will be a broadband TV service that'll compete directly with cable. The TV service will offer multiple channels licensed from different content companies and will stream over the Internet. Meaning there would be no more need to pay for Sky or Virgin. Meaning awesome. Read More >>