New Leak Reveals How Google’s Next Android TV Dongle Will Work

Earlier this year, clues indicated that Google was working on a new streaming video dongle that would both replace the Chromecast Ultra and run Android TV. But now, thanks a new round of leaks, we suddenly have a much better look of what that device could actually be. Read More >>

Apple TV+ is Available Now With a 7-Day Free Trial

The long-awaited Apple TV+ is finally here and you can grab it for a seven-day trial absolutely free. Read More >>

Ahead of Streaming Launch, Apple’s Iron-Clad Secrecy Is Reportedly Stressing Out Hollywood

With the imminent arrival of Apple’s new streaming video service scheduled for next week, the tech giant is on the cusp adding content creator to its traditional hardware-making and app store-managing duties. However, in an effort to stock its upcoming service with shows, it seems Apple’s secretive Silicon Valley-esque habits are becoming a nuisance for the entertainment veterans hired to develop its shows. Read More >>

Is This the Year Apple’s Netflix Competitor Finally Happens?

I’m already so sick of hearing about Apple’s forthcoming streaming video service, and it hasn’t even been announced yet. However, according to the Information, Apple may launch the subscription-based service as early as this April, joining the ranks of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Read More >>

Facebook is Counting on Body Slams to Drive Traffic to the Watch Tab

As Facebook’s big pivot to video continues, the company is partnering with two more production teams in order to wrestle up more original content for its Watch tab. Today, those combatants happen to be Machinima, which is launching a trio of new shows, and the WWE, which is planning a special 12-episode series available exclusively on Facebook Watch. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Video Finally Lands on Apple TV

While Google and Amazon continue to bicker back and forth about which company’s services will be available for what platforms, it seems Apple is finally getting its act together now that Amazon Prime Video is available on the Apple TV. Read More >>

How to Build Your Own Private Netflix

Movies and TV shows come and go on Netflix on a regular basis, which means you might be half way through your favourite flick when it gets yanked from the service. The solution? Buy all your own content and set up your own private cloud-based streaming service you can get at from any computer or device. Read More >>

Roku Express Review: A Streaming Stick That Plays Everything

When the very first Roku launched in 2008, the bulky box had a clunky interface that only played Netflix. How far we’ve come. That initial idea ended up spawning an entire genre of streaming devices and set-top boxes that have basically helped change the way we watch movies and TV at home. Roku has sold millions and millions of devices based on its ease of use and great content support for the video services you use. Read More >>

The Best Video Player You Can Use Finally Gets DVR Support

If you’ve got a lot of movie and TV files floating around your computer you’re doing a disservice to your free time by not installing Plex. It’s a gamechanger app that lets you instantly stream all your media to any phone, computer, or TV in your vicinity. Read More >>

Warner Bros. Targets Streaming Subreddit Over Piracy, Fails

You can find almost anything on Reddit, including free, pirated movies, which is why one movie studio has started to not just go after the sources of these videos, but the places that aggregate them. Read More >>

Amazon Is Trying to Reinvent YouTube

If you have Amazon Prime—and why wouldn’t you—then starting today you’ll have free access to Amazon Video Direct. Which is... what exactly? According to the landing page, Direct will be “helping content creators and visual storytellers reach millions of Amazon Video customers.” Uh huh. Read More >>

YouTubers Are Up In Arms About YouTube Red 

The past 24 hours have been a tortured 24 hours for YouTube professionals and their fans. The famously free video site announced a new paid service called YouTube Red, and nobody’s really sure what it means. But some YouTubers are already making end-time predictions. Read More >>

YouTube Red: £6.50 For Video With No Ads, Plus Music, Plus Exclusive Content

YouTube’s taking big steps towards transforming itself into a media service that you pay for like you pay for Netflix. Aren’t you psyched? Read More >>