Netflix Will Finally Tell You What the Most Popular Movies and Shows Are

Netflix’s recent pivot to churning out originals has meant that it’s been throwing a lot of shit against a wall to see what sticks. This—combined with whatever algorithm is in place to determine what you like based on what you’ve watched or selected—makes for a pretty muddy discovery process for users hoping to find the next great thing on the service. Read More >>

Quibi Drops New Trailers for Its Weird, Bite-Sized Streaming Service Shows

Quibi officially launches in a little over two months, meaning that the funky, mobile-first streaming service is ramping up the hype by teasing out a handful of trailers for its short-form video series, a couple of which I’ll, somewhat begrudgingly, admit look pretty good! Read More >>

Apple and Netflix Both Need a Back Catalogue and Have Reportedly Eyed MGM to Get It

As more and more major players wade into the streaming wars, companies are likely looking for ways to diversify their offerings either through bundles or acquisitions. According to two reports, both Apple and Netflix may be looking to tap MGM’s catalogue to beef up their respective streaming services. Read More >>

CES 2020: Plex Is Making Itself Impossible to Ignore as a Go-To Streaming Service

CES may be all about gadgets, but this year’s event is jam-packed with news from streaming services looking to muscle their way into the fray. Plex is one of them. Read More >>

Music Streaming Jumped to 80% of the U.S. Market by the End of the Decade

Music streaming made a killing this decade as far as western market domination – and more and more users are willing to pay for it too, according to statistics from the Recording Industry Association of America. Read More >>

Netflix Autoplays the Murder of Kittens to Angry Subscribers

At a time when its seat as top streaming service has never been more precarious, the fact that Netflix would decide now to push out a docuseries about a creep who tortures and murders kittens among other horrifying acts is... a choice. But one I can at least wrap my head around. What I fail to understand, however, is why – until recently – subscribers were able to stumble upon that kind of gruesome content without warning. Read More >>

Netflix Is Testing a Shuffle Feature That Could Make Your Binges Even Lazier

Series-bingeing sometimes means throwing on random reruns of a favourite series just to keep you occupied – it’s one of the great benefits of cord-cutting, after all. But the lack of a shuffle function on many popular platforms means you’re generally stuck committing to a season and starting from the top or cherry-picking what to watch next after each individual episode. Read More >>

Netflix Acquires Cinema to Show its Own Films, Which Was Illegal Until Last Week

Netflix has saved a well-known cinema in New York City from imminent closure, and that is ostensibly a good thing. But something much more devastating lies beneath. Read More >>

Stadia Is a Glimpse Into the Future – But Maybe Not Yours or Google’s

When Stadia works perfectly, it feels like the future of gaming. Laptop, phone and TV: Google’s new game streaming service works across all three with the press of a button or two. The simple controller knows what to connect to and does so with ease. With Stadia, you can slip into a game typically found on a PC or console using almost any device. It makes you wonder why we’ve tethered ourselves to hardware for so long when the Internet can give us all of that power at a considerably lower cost (and smaller energy bill). The problem is that Stadia rarely works perfectly. Instead, it offers us a glimmer of the future before crashing back down into the muddy present. Read More >>

Netflix’s Chosen Fighter to Take on Disney+ Is, Uh, Nickelodeon

I imagine it’s looking pretty grim from where Netflix is standing right now. Read More >>

disney plus
Disney+ is Embarrassing

Disney made a lot of promises for its streaming service – many of which, as far as its content is concerned, it kept. But the service itself, Disney+, so far is messy, unreliable, and riddled with bugs. Read More >>

Disney+ Will Launch on Fire TV Now That Amazon and Disney Are Playing Nice

Looks like folks with Fire TV devices will be able to watch Disney+ after all. Read More >>

Bland Content Isn’t Apple TV+’s Biggest Problem

Apple has had a long slow crawl from hardware maker to entertainment service provider. First, there was iTunes and selling music online, then movies and TV shows. Later came Apple Music, a streaming service provided for a monthly fee, and earlier this year there was News+, a news service... provided for a monthly fee. Now Apple’s finally getting around to a streaming TV service, TV+. For $5 a month, you’ll get a handful of shows that a lot of people are talking about. You’ll also get insight into the weird disconnect at the heart of Apple’s move from hardware and software to services. Read More >>

Netflix Turns Negative

Counter to the standard tech ethos – move fast, break stuff, crowbar stodgy old industry players up by their comfortable roots – the fight to control Americans’ streaming-TV dollars has been more of a slow-motion car wreck. And it’s largely been those stodgy old empires doing most of the shoving. Read More >>

Bizarre Streaming Service Quibi Already Has a Better Lineup Than Apple TV+

Apple had its most important event of the year earlier this week and judging by its lacklustre presentation for Apple TV+ one could be forgiven for thinking that it isn’t putting too much importance in its fledgling streaming service. Meanwhile, the mysterious millennial-focused streaming startup Quibi has a forthcoming show that, at least on paper, puts Apple’s entire lineup to shame. Read More >>