Why Seemingly Every Company Is Launching a Gaming Subscription Now

Much in the way that streaming has too many damn options now, gaming services are flooding the market as companies increasingly position themselves to compete for attention over singular domination of an entertainment medium. Netflix, for example, disclosed in an earnings report earlier this year that it viewed itself as competing with “Fortnite more than HBO.” If a recent survey is to be believed, they may be on to something. Read More >>

Spotify Is Burying Artists That Give Exclusives to Apple

According to a new report, Spotify really hates artist exclusives so much that it’s penalising acts that put their jams on Apple Music first. Read More >>

Adele’s 25 Will Not Be on Spotify or Other Streaming Services

Adele’s highly anticipated new record 25 will not be available on Spotify, according to the music streaming company. Hello? More like 'Goodbye'. Read More >>